Series: Young Photographers From Germany

Age: 29 residence: Hamburg Background: “After school selling shoes and coffee and eventually had enough of this+blown 1999 abroad+half a year in the United States and Guatemala traveled, lived and photographed+then baccalauréat”Graphic design”and deepening in the” Photography”+during and after the College singer in various bands, performances from Kiel to Constance+2003 in studios and on stages spent going back to work behind the camera, then+training to the photographer to the “LBS photo and media” in Kiel with final 2007+since: freelance photographer exhibitions: toy soldiers in the Tin melting, G+J photo Award 2008 Continue reading

Berlin: A Bunch Of Story To Tell

Then, it’s been two days since I’m in Berlin.

Let’s start talking about a little bit of history? I think it’s the best way to start talking about Berlin. In fact, when you have little time to stay in a city, it is important to separate the time to fulfill the Basic script. And, here in Berlin, the Basic script is to understand a little about the history of the city. Continue reading