Nikon D500: Some First Impressions

Camera & photo hardtestar right now new Nikon D500. Here are some first impressions of the camera and its innovative bluetooth function for transferring images to the smartphone.

There were many who had hoped to Nikon D500 would be a mini version of the Nikon D5 (test on D5 can be read in camera & Photo # 5 in stores now) when it was released in early January with an ISO performance up to ISO 3 million (see pictures at 3 m ISO here). Maybe it’s not exactly a “D5 mini” straight off that the now classic relationship between the Nikon D700 and Nikon D3 we see, but still have the inherited some features that make it to Nikon’s performance camera for cameras with DX sensors. Continue reading

Olympus Pen-F – Retrofierad Performance

TEST: Nearly 55 years after Olympus released his PEN-F so they do it again – but now in a digital performance version that is supposed to appeal to the discerning, both in terms of technology and design.

Performance and design. So, one can summarize the latest camera from Olympus: PEN-F. The camera has inherited many of the iconic design elements of the now almost 55 years old and analogue precursor.

We look a little more towards the present day so is the p-F a camera that got some of the best from both worlds, namely technology and power of the Olympus entusiastsegment IF-D, but it’s stylish and design-related expression from PEN-series. It is also why we see many similarities with EM-5 II and E-P5. Continue reading

Fujifilm X 70 – First with Touch Screen

TEST: Fujiflm X 100 is a popular camera among photographers. But for many, it is a little too pricey to buy instead of another Compact. Now comes the fujifilm with the X 70 that have the same quality image but with a lower price tag.

When Fujifilm launched its X 100, it quickly became popular, as have the sequels to the model, X100T X100S, have become very popular and. The question is whether their newborn little sibling X 70 will be as popular? An important element that contributed to the X 100 series ‘ popularity is the advanced hybrid viewfinder. Continue reading

Sony A6300-Solver

TEST: With A6300 goes Sony have solved the problem that many mirror loose cameras with burst. They have also barred a new sensor and developed the autofocus with all 425 focus points, and improved viewfinder.

Sony has been a bit of the spotlight lately. Mainly for their popular and somewhat revolutionary A7 series with full-frame sensors. But Sony has not forgotten those who don’t want or don’t need the large sensor. Now comes A6300 who takes over from A6000, as already it was a popular camera and a sequel to in turn Nex-6. Continue reading

Panasonic TZ80 & TZ100-Most Pocket-Size

They are nearly equal. They share the most when it comes to functionality and design. With TZ80, you get a larger zoom range to a lower price while TZ100 has a larger sensor. Panasonic’s two new TZ models» travel zoom «improves the range of versatile quality cameras.

When it was time for the annual update of the TZ-series Panasonic thought to and launched not only a sequel to TZ70 but also released the brand new camera TZ100. New in that it has a larger sensor and thus a different lens. Otherwise, it is most similar to TZ70 and TZ80.However, it is only positive because it means that the camera is well-conceived. Continue reading

Canon EOS 80 d – Quick, Easy & Creative

Canon updates its entusiastsortiment with the APS-C sensor, unleash your creativity. Quick auto focus, creative options and an improvement for those who love to film is the stuff that makes Canon EOS 80 d.

Depending on how to photograph so you choose is usually a suitable camera. Usually it is pretty easy to decide if you want to have a camera in the entry-level segment or something more advanced, or the same thing if you want a professional model or not. It’s the middle segment that is the hard part, because generally a mediation between the two extremes.

Here, I think Canon has managed quite well with the balance of what they want to offer with its new EOS 80 d, which has some exciting new features that can also appeal to a broad audience. Continue reading

Nikon D5 Is Faster & Better

With three million ISO becomes new Nikon D5, the first camera to offer extreme sensitivity – but there is no use for this? And how good is the camera? The answer is: the best press photo camera that we’ve tested so far.

Enough is press photographers dream to have a camera that has less and less technical limitations, but the question is what is most sought after – image quality, speed or sensitivity? It’s a trade off, I mean, anything that I shall come back to later.

Nikon D5 is a refinement of the earlier, really quick, camera Nikon D4s. D4s in turn was an update with many small improvements that contributed to an improved overall, something that we can say also applies for the Nikon D5 compared to D4s. The resolution stands for the greater the difference, with a jump from 16.2 megapixel up to 20.8, which means almost 30% more pixels at the same time as the speed increased, with one image per second with the following autofocus , for 12 shots. Continue reading

Canon EOS 1 d Mark II Supermaxad X – Speed

TEST: Canon EOS 1 d X from 2011, home of many photographers who needed professional speed. Now that Mark II of Canon’s flagship arrived, many wonder: should I upgrade? We have tested the fastest camera for press photographer right now.

Whether you need it or not, it is very to-ha-factor of the new Canon 1 d X Mark II. But why? The main answer is speed, and more developed, it’s functions. But how do they themselves against precursor 1 d X from 2011?The thing is that there are so many parts to tell if it is really only a small part that fits here. Continue reading

Pentax K-1 – Prispressad Performance

With its modern heritage of weatherproof cameras with proprietary solutions and special features Pentax had a lot to live up to when it was time to launch its first digital full-frame camera. The question is whether they succeeded?

It has tisslats and tasslats long enough for a full-frame camera from Pentax for that expectations should be right up among those who love Pentax cameras. Pentax K-1 is not a sequel to any of their previous cameras. Nor does a replacement.

Pentax K-1 is the manufacturer’s first step into the digital small-screen format. But just because it is a completely new camera it does not mean that it is absolutely essentially different from Pentax other models. Many of the features and technologies available in including K-3 II reappear in K-1. But it has also added a couple new features that elevates the camera some more snap. Continue reading

TEST: Nikon D500-Filled of Technologies for All

Fast, smooth and with professional features. In addition to a legacy of technology from big brother D5 we find in the new Nikon D500 also built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and bluetooth – with the ability to transfer images to your smartphone with off camera.

It is now seven years since Nikon released D300s-the faster and sportier sequel to respected semipro camera D300. But then came not so much more – until now.

Nikon D500 is now the flagship of Nikon’s DX Cameras, and has actually got everything a photographer needs – and then some – with multiple inheritance from big brother and professional camera D5. The autofocus is one such component, which our tests show to be a winning combination together with fast 10 fps, as well as weather sealing for sportive situations. Continue reading