5 Natural Enemies Of Your Camera: How To Protect

You’ve invested your savings in a device, and Additionally it brings you a lot of fun on a daily basis. If you’re anything like me, it’s a bit the Apple of your eye! But it has many bad nasty enemies plenty. See how you can protect it.

  1. Water

It is public enemy No. 1. Unless you owned a box and a goal totally tropicalised (which I think is not the case for most of you), expose your device to water to be immediately fatal.

The worst case, it’s do fall into the ocean, a bath, a river, a municipal fountain, or your toilet. Don’t laugh: it can happen to anyone. One solution: you had a belt with your box to tie it around your neck, use it! So yes, it’s less class than to keep your SLR 1500 carelessly in the hand, but quite frankly, I always a deaf fear who takes me to the belly when I see someone hold his camera of the sort.

Of course, the water can tackle your gem in many other ways. The first rain, of course. A few drops don’t kill him, even if he is not drip, don’t worry. But heavy rain, do not, and then protect it. I have already written how to protect a camera in the rain.

But the water may be deceitful: we think not enough condensation which can settle on your goals, especially when you change brutally temperature (particularly in winter). First he must always have one or two sachets of “silica gel” in your camera bag. They absorb moisture and avoid most of the time this problem to your device. Consider renewing them regularly. In the case of very large differences in temperature, I also suggest to place your device in a sealed plastic bag before you get it home, or even to try to warm up gradually. If it is – 20 ° C outside, feel free to place a little in the refrigerator (4 ° C) on the way home before putting it back in your room at + 20 ° C.

  1. Dust

Treacherous, dust does not threaten the outside of your device, but rather to break inside, especially on your sensor. This usually happens when you change your goal.

The best solution is to change as quickly as possible, with your sensor device down, so as to limit the introduction of dust. Also avoid changing optical in the wind, in a particularly dusty environment brief in a high-risk situation. Of course, everything is not always ideal, and if you change outside, make sure protect you a maximum of the wind, by a natural barrier or obstacle in your body (Yes, totally: P).

In addition to this, don’t forget dust that might already be on the rear of the lens and thus break on your sensor. So remember to give a “lens pen” (these kinds of pens with a brush at the end) on the back cover of your lens from time to time.

For what is the dust that can settle on the front lens, a lens pen can do the trick. But don’t buy the 1st price at Aldi, and take it easy, at the risk of making things worse.

  1. The sand

The sand is a little like dust, but worse. Because the sand, is abrasive. Very. A grain of sand can leave a nice scratch on the lens of your objective. And I tell you not even the State of your device if mechanisms of sand just to get inside! Brrr, I have chills.

We can not completely avoid it so the coastline offers exceptional photographic opportunities, so take precautions. Already, if you ask quiet on the beach, your device must be in your camera bag, itself at least on a towel. Besides, it is not useless to add one or two layers of plastic bags if you are a little paranoid on the edges. And when you get home, think about emptying your camera bag of sand which necessarily broke in (why not a quick vacuum?).

If you ever have the courage to change optical on the beach, take the same precautions as for dust, but increasingly to watch the surroundings to avoid a frisbee or a balloon full of sand to land on your hardware, and whether you so want to put an end to the days of the culprit.

It is one of the only situations where I strongly recommend the use of a UV filter or protection. It also protects also from the enemy depending on whether we meet also on the coast…

  1. The salt

I guess you were all at sea (if you ever live in a landlocked country and have never seen the sea, put it at the top of list of things to do in your life). Spend 10 minutes on the coast in the wind, and your lips have a taste of salt. Because the sea, it’s dirty! (admire my immense knowledge: p anyway, the spray do not you dry the throat and give a taste salty at all this you eat.)

Indeed, the salt is corrosive, and it is better avoid it broke in your device. So avoid maximally expose the sensor but also the compartment of the battery and the memory card to the spray. Translation: don’t open it. (your device, you have the right to speak: p

Also, clean your equipment at the (not with a handkerchief or assimilated) Microfiber cloth at least once a day if you are at the beach. You will also quickly see a thin whitish film deposited in the recesses of your optics, that should alert you to the situation!

  1. The sunscreen and the mosquito

Those who hang out not bad in nature like me should know, sunscreen (50 index, it will avoid having a skin cancer) and the mosquito repellent are essential tools for survival then you spend several hours outside.

You are protected from becoming Scarlet (and it’s also important for your long-term health), and be eaten by these dirt of mosquitoes, horseflies, and whatnot. Except that the sunscreen is often oily, and the mosquito repellent full of chemicals. As long as to do, avoid to put everything in direct contact with the material, he’ll thank you.

So, wash your hands with cold water after you be spread of these products: at least the tip of the fingers, which is unlikely to get sunburned.

Another useful caution: don’t store especially sunscreen in your camera bag. It may be tempting, but frankly, you want the bottle opens and spread its contents on your optics?

Here, I hope that this article will help you a little better attention to all these enemies of our devices, and to protect them. But don’t become not paranoid either, it’s continue to indulge themselves by photographing feel free to leave a comment to share your bad experiences, or sometimes where you almost damage your hardware. Or also to ask questions, I’m not bigoted if not there ‘ a newsletter, on the right, appears too that there is a cool bonus with, but Shh, I not told you.