5 Tips for Buying Waterproof Cameras

Tip 1: ideal diving light 

Midday light is ideal for divers and snorkelers, however, because it provides rich underwater colors. Afternoon light brings an interesting perspective in the picture here, too. The colors are increasingly tinge when diving at 3m water depth. If you don’t like it, can simply change the white balance on the camera to make the colors appear warmer. Beware of calm waters and light wind.


Tip 2: beach life

Relaxation and fun at the beach are worth getting photos. Photographing/filming your family with telephoto lenses. Especially pictures of children playing are so much more spontaneous. Take the beach life in all its facets: your loved ones with the Sun in the water at the badminton at the beach bar. Don’t forget the close-ups! Never photograph other people without their express consent.

Tip 3: fish and much more

Fish are shy creatures, move so as little as possible. Waiting pays off. Especially when the movies drift you better still. Also under water, watch your surroundings and move through underwater landscapes, without destroying anything.

Tip 4: image design

Go and immerse so close to your subject as possible, also in landscape photography. You should photograph fish at eye level or down – from the side or from the front. Allow sufficient space in front of the animals. If possible, do not place your subject in the center of the boring image. Horizon lines in the bottom third of picture emphasize the distance, placed in the upper third of the screen should the focus be sufficiently interesting, for example, a reflective water surface or a coral landscape.

Tip 5: image editing

Disappointing underwater photos can be improved significantly by digital post-production. Often enough the automatic functions of cheaper or free programs to improve contrast and color shifts. Framing appealing position your main subject, are easily made. Not impossible, it is difficult but very shaky or noisy recordings. Here often also the best software can do anything more. Should therefore not expect miracles and already when buying the camera on a fast lens and a good noise performance in low light.