7 Objects For Lovers of Photography

He has always pulled us the subject of photography as a hobby, and even when we didn’t have digital cameras we throw the roll or the disposable (remember them?). A few years ago in fact, we made a couple of workshops of photography in which we discovered the openings of aperture, the shutter speed…He knocked us both the bug than for example in my case, after knowing that had passed the last tests of career, I spent my savings to buy a camera SLR (what a pain!) Despite having a camera as he had always desired, between work, lack of inspiration or motivation, I was parking the photography.

But thanks to the advancement of the quality of the cameras of mobile phones and of course Instagram and this project Oli & Moli that has us fully engaged, I’m back to recover the enthusiasm and motivation to get the camera almost almost wherever go or I can at least say that I managed to not give me so much laziness load with it. And if not, shot the camera mobile that always brings more than one trouble. It is fun to have “an obligation” to take pictures every day for IG.

Therefore, today I bring you 6 objects that will take advantage to your camera or mobile phone.

  1. strap for camera photos of mama bird, do not know that you think but to me that Canon SLR free advertising as not going much. I also found this tutorial so that you do your own belt (now that I’m a little controlling maybe sewing machine I encourage to try).2. a projector for your cellphone. If you seems silly to invest in this, you can always make one with this diy project I tried it once with a black box that was and I don’t know why, but not seen or a hell.3. if you get lazy loading with the camera, with this universal objective to mobile secure that you get some great pictures, it also seems to be serving for a lot of models since it fits with magnet.4. to take panoramic pictures.5. this is a good investment. It’s a SD camera card photos with wifi. and what we get with this? We can see the photos that we took with the camera directly on your mobile through a proper card application, so the process of camara-ordenador – mobile to upload them on Instagram boils down to mobile camera. Insurance that also gives you laziness taking pictures with the camera then share by IG and that strips much more than mobile. But that is not all; In addition with the application can be a remote control of the camera to shoot or even focus! If that is a good investment. In fact Moli already has his and gives me that I’m not going to take a long time to buy one.

    6. this mini Photo Studio

that consists of a light box, 2 white lights, a mini tripod and colored white, black and red backgrounds. If you envy of the photos of pristine white background you see out there, this is the trick.

7. and finally, in case you thought that everyone less your has a beautiful old wooden table in his house? Not, and unless you want to buy one, I tell you the secret. Most are actually photographs of wood funds to print in din A3 or A2 such that they will fund to your photos.

And with this and a cake… now you have reason to break the piggy bank.