Android Users Consume Twice The Data That The IOS

A new study by the consulting firm Alekstra confirms the data published by Nielsen in 2011 on the use of data in Android and iOS devices. According to those studies, mobile users and Android-based tablets consumed up to twice the data that the iOS.
The study of Alekstra focuses on Finland, where tests (conducted in November 2012) indicated that monthly consumption data for the owners of devices Android was 2.07 GB, opposite the 1.05 GB of users of iOS devices.

Interestingly, these data They contrast with the use of calls and sending SMS messages: Android users spoke up to 6% less and sent 30% fewer messages than the owners of iPhones or iPads, which seems to indicate that Android users in that country make use extensive application VoIP and messaging.

The study of the Alekstra company was based on data collected by the application Ratemizer, available for iOS and Android and that allows users to save on your phone bills, but it is only prepared for operators from USA and Finland.