Berlin: A Bunch Of Story To Tell

Then, it’s been two days since I’m in Berlin.

Let’s start talking about a little bit of history? I think it’s the best way to start talking about Berlin. In fact, when you have little time to stay in a city, it is important to separate the time to fulfill the Basic script. And, here in Berlin, the Basic script is to understand a little about the history of the city.

Well, we started our tour lááááá in the Prussian Empire (everyone remembering the lessons of History now), more specifically, in the Palace of the Princess (who later became Queen Sophie Charlotte).Charlottenburg, as became known the Palace is huge, beautiful and the Prussian and wealth is right there, close to everything in Berlin. In fact, Berlin has these things, in the middle of the city, has a history, a Palace, a cathedral, an archaeological terrain or something that was bombed in a war. But back to the point that today I’m inspired.Charlotte was a smart young lady. I’d like to read, write and compose songs in one of their beautifully decorated pianos with Chinese themes (ultimate fashion at the time and who are still there exposed in the Palace). And Charlotte enjoyed a good life. So I tried like crazy to get married with Louis XIV of France (King pumping more of the time). But, poor thing, he couldn’t do anything with him. But just giving luck and you married another young man that, soon after the wedding would end up becoming the first King of Prussia (and, in this, the baby became Queen).

Hence, Charlottenburg, which was a palacinho, was winning extensions and more extensions. Today it is the largest of the Berlin Palace, complete with huge rooms where they were held great events of royalty and a gigantic garden designed by a famous gardener brought directly from France.

And you think that the UASZ was not culture. Look there. OK … But you were here thinking we’d talk so look of the day, right? Is that I really love story. And that Charlotte is pretty cool. OK, we’re going to look.

I need to start saying it’s hot here in Berlin. I didn’t think it would be so hot, but the weather’s been very stuffy. Therefore, the best solution for a day’s wanderings through the city was a light dress. Well, I’m glad, I’m prepared traveler had a lot in my bag.

First Pro day, picked my darling of the market: the dress pattern of birds. To give a touch of color in the look, get the Red sunglasses and completed with lipstick. And there was more or less like this:

And that’s me doing a pose right in front of the tourist portal of Brandenburg. Valley sit in the square in front of the gate for coffee. (remembering: today’s attractions, tourist alternative verrrrry I talk in the next few days, ok?).

And inside the Palace paying mico in front of the mirror of Sophie.

I think I’ve said too much today. Then, just to top it off, a little more history, only somewhat newer. After the fall of the Berlin wall, the German Government invited several artists to paint a section of the wall that remained high. Today, this piece of the wall became a large open-air art gallery: the East Side Gallery. Is a delight to walk there in the late afternoon, watching the sunset.

Oh! I have to comment that the camera used in the photos the look of today here on the blog (and will see along this passage by Berlin) were made with the camera that Samsung has kindly lent me to travel.They let me keep the camera (the same one I used on the challenges that were aired here on the blog during this month) for a few more days (claaaaaro they are not silly or anything and they knew I photograph mucho here). But the coolest thing is that, knowing that I was going to take a vacation, they invited me to participate in a technology that’s going to happen here in Berlin. But that’s for tomorrow.