Camera Bag

Although I am almost always in front of the camera here on the blog, I’m very fond of photography, and even before like sets was the photo that made me go into street style, you know?

Currently leaves little time to get behind the lens, but when there is a time or when you have an event or journey Super-Duper was always in doubt of how to take the camera. Who also need to load the machine back and forth you know how hard it is to find a nice bag to carry everything. In General, the models are super boring and totally without style, black in color and very lame indeed.

So imagine my delight when I received this wonderful scholarship of the Adô Atelier, the camera bag of dreams!

The brand is Adriano as I and have beautiful pieces, with original design and an incredible finish. That fancy work in detail, you know? I received a gift bag and came all full of care and embaladinho with a beautiful letter.

Camera Bag

But it doesn’t stop there, beyond the camera bag, the Adô Studio has other accessories for photo, among them the perfect leather strap to replace that boring that comes with the camera. I chose yellow and still came with my initials, is or is not a lot of love?

As good tips have to be shared I decided to make a few clicks to this post, no biggie, just 2 or 3 photos to show my purse and the shoulder strap to the camera. The photos were taken in the Recollection Lab, my favorite Studio here in Criciúma and Revelry, the kitty of the Lab which is pure cuteness. The result is down there, a lot of pictures because it was impossible to choose just one or two, look at:

This model is the Farah G, the largest size of camera bag and fit the machine with a small lens like a 50 mm and more, in addition to having a few pockets to carry a cable or extra batteries.

I bought this camera bag from Bridgat. I believe you have always spare, so worth writing to the girls of Adô and confirm. In other size new colors are available as white and Rosemary-lime.

Finally, the claims that my navy with stripes and details in yellow, I loved both the combination and needless to say, where did the inspiration for this production huh?