Camera Bags for the SLR

SLR camera, a couple of lenses and other accessories:  We have tested six photo bags for a small SLR equipment.

Camera Bags for the SLR

Booq Python Fullframe Mirrorless: Chic And Safe

With the grey Phyton mirrorless is a handy shoulder bag. Collect points can good ease of use and a solid performance, what shocks and scratches. From the outside, the Phyton chic design from noble glossy ballistic like nylon in stable 1680D-Qualität.

On the smooth material, water rolls right off. However, the Python is not waterproof; a rain cover is absent as well as feet or a moisture protection from underneath. As an extra loss of manufacturer offers, to register the model using a serial number. In addition, you can secure the zipper of the camera compartment with a small padlock.

The soft, padded camera compartment with thick room divider and the stable exterior of bag offer all-round protection against external influences. In the red double compartment to install, well stabilized a smaller SLR or Mirrorless along with additional lens or Flash.Alternatively, also a compact SLR, would however without accessories space.

A small padded compartment that provides storage for an iPad mini is hiding behind it. One stowed a mobile phone at hand in a zipper compartment, located outside of the cover. Place small parts such as memory cards or batteries see two side pockets outside with built-in stretch inserts.

A peculiarity here is a sewn, removable carabiner to attach a key. Also the well protected compartment for documents in the back part offers practical ease of use. Clearly criticism have fallen the Phyton but when wearing: there is only a non-padded shoulder straps and a similar strap.


Chic and high solid bag with nifty storage space for small items and accessories, well secured camera compartment against shocks and scratches, but only moderate comfort. Extra moisture protection in the field of soil and rain cover is missing.

Dakota Dörr Photo Bag: Square Cheap

The quite cheap with 30 euros compared new Dakota model of drying is striking from the outside thanks to its edgy design. Inside the sling bag offers lots of space in their orange camera compartment with six room dividers for a medium-sized SLR with attached standard zoom and two other lenses up to a length of 15 cm and a Flash.

Camera and co. arrive afloat above a zipper that runs around the entire compartment at the top of the bag. Only drawback: this is not protected and also not against water spray-bonded. A rain Cape belongs neither to the facilities. Robust, well processed outside material, water rolls off but excellent.

Thus, the equipment survives even falls from one and a half metres above sea level. Also, this provides a good moisture barrier from below. The comfort goes so far OK, but especially the very small troubled shoulder piece of the belt as well as the carrying handle, could use more foam.


Cheap, sturdy shoulder bag with good padding and extra reinforced floor. Offers plenty of storage space in a convenient camera compartment. Points of criticism: little compartments for small parts, mediocre comfort, no rain cover. Price tip!

Crumpler Quick Escape 600: Robust Trendsetter

Enters the camouflage outfit the combined shoulder / waist bag Crumpler quick escape to 600. The roundish bag like nylon immediately by their robust processing and high-quality materials made of water-repellent chicken TeX Supreme. The circumferential two-thirds zip is stitched from splashing water in addition and offers a generous access to the spacious camera compartment.

It is to make easily a medium-sized SLR with attached standard zoom, another lens up to a length of 17 cm and a Flash. Small parts and memory cards stored in a compartment with power modules. A thicker padding, above all in the ground would be desirable. Also a wetness protection outside is lacking in this area. An integrated rain cover is hiding in the back of the bag.

It can be quickly pulled over, but slightly too tight. The comfort is well resolved, especially as the Crumpler casual can be used as a shoulder bag. A lap belt fixed on longer routes. Alternatively, the belt can be used as a waist strap so that it has both hands to take a picture. There are also a belt and a carrying handle padded back to the selection. The bag is available in three additional colors and different sizes.


Chic, combined hip and shoulder bag with a beautiful layout and high-quality indoor and outdoor materials. Versatile comfort. The floor area should be protected from wetness but more cushioned and better.

Hama Protour 140: Small Professional

With the pro tour 140 Hama offers a not quite cheap, but all around good copy for the smaller SLR equipment with the most important accessories.The bag is protected in the soil against bumps or jolts thick padded and upholstered in addition. A rubberized coating exterior ensures reliable moisture protection from underneath. Only the divider of the main compartment could use a little more stability.

You have access to camera and co. classic about the big flap with zipper below or via a separate quick access from the top. The Pro Tour offers an extra document compartment in the bag back and lots of organised storage space for small items, including specially labeled pockets for memory cards, batteries, and a wiping cloth.

Only in the test box is equipped with a removable NetBook sleeve and has straps to carry a tripod. Also the trolley loop is an exception in this size class. The ProTour 140 offers everything you want from a camera bag for small SLR equipment with robust materials, a rain cover and very comfortable to wear.


Comparatively expensive, but all around successful photo bag with high ease of use, good safety performance and great wearing quality.Including direct access, organisiertemPlatz for small parts, stand and trolley loop. Test winner.

Samsonite Fotonox 100: Stylish Allrounder

A visually appealing bag with good ease of use and quick access to camera and co. is the Fotonox 100 top it is closed with a strap that has a zipper on both sides. So, main compartment can be opened with one hand. Unfortunately, the zips against rain are protected, stitched against splashing water, however there is a rain Cape.

One stowed a medium-sized SLR with attached standard zoom and additional lens or Flash in the split camera compartment with soft space elements. I particularly like the small removable memory card slot in the cover. For accessories, the Fotonox offers a sewn pocket and an organizer.

The padding of the room divider and goes right on the pages, should be but better in the ground. Outside, a rubber coating protects against dirt and moisture, which can however unconvincing. A pointed stone is enough to penetrate the layer. The Fotonox by shoulder strap is worn with comfortable mesh shoulder pad. There’s not a carry handle.


Chic bag with pockets for accessories and small parts. Quick access to camera and co., but only mediocre wetness protection and comfort.

Vanguard Reno 22: Lightweight Stroller

The Reno 22 is the cheapest and with 240 g the lightest bag in the test field. From the outside it doesn’t look like a classic photo bag. A transverse zipper at the top, you have quick access to the equipment. In addition, the CAP is sewn against splash water.

The smooth nylon outer material is not very robust and not long will close at a real downpour. After all, is equipped with a rain cover. In favour of a low weight was saved around the padding. In the soil, that is clearly too little. Also on a moisture barrier down or place feet must you give.

Inside you stashed a SLR with zoom and accessories. For small parts, square found in larger stretch pockets outside. A flat zipper insertion on the front tucked Speichkarten, filter and filter cover. Also with the comfort, it has to do without: the wide, adjustable strap has no upholstery element, and as a carrying handle, there’s only a thin Halteschlaufel.


Extremely lightweight camera bag, which works well for a stroll: fits in any luggage, looks like a traditional handbag; including rain Cape and fast access. In terms of safety and comfort but offers too little for outdoor claims.

The camera bags presented above can be found in Internetages.