Canon Eos M10 – Systems for Beginners

TEST: Canon focuses a lot on simplifying the everyday management of the photo graferandet. Among other things, with automatic transfer of images from the camera and intelligent scene selection program. With this in mind, it is natural to model M10 is so simplified.

No slider with a lot of numbers or different settings. Clean top with three choices for auto, normal and filming. This is Canon Eos M10 – a camera that clearly is addressed to those who don’t like the confusing controls, or perhaps it is simply realized that one does not need to hold on and make adjustments all the time to photograph.

The range of different systems on the camera market is impressively large. The reason for this is the will of the camera manufacturers to make more compact cameras, but that nevertheless have interchangeable lenses. It has demanded that the man found on new systems which have in common that there is no mirror in front of the sensor which reflects up lens ‘ image of an optical viewfinder.

Largest sensor

Among all these systems positioned in the Canon M-systems as one of the most sensor. It is positive for the image quality, but negative for the size of the lenses. But most important of all is that it is good for those who already have EF-S lens from Canon, as these are designed for sensor size of Eos M10 and is suitable if you have an adapter.

Buy M10 now so it is given to buy it together with the new lens 15-45/3.5-6.3 (equivalent to 24-72 mm).Turned on is 500 kroons and separately it costs 3000 dollars. It is 1.5 cm shorter than the previous normalzoomen (18-55), but requires a hand grip to be ready to shoot with.Otherwise, protesting the camera with the message» Set the lens in position for photography «.»

The camera has a clean exterior. That pared down that the only approach that has been allowed in the shape is one for the thumb. It is certainly the most important grip, but it can feel a bit slippery for the fingers on the front of the camera. At the top we find no unnecessary controls that stands up, but also no hotshoe. This means that the separate viewfinder the Evf-dc1 cannot mount to Eos M10.

On the flip side, the number of buttons has been pulled down to a minimum, but with shortcut menu and multiple choice button are the settings you need to access still within reach. Starring on the back gets enough screen. A good touch screen and Tiltable so that you can easily shoot self portraits. We continue looking around the camera, we find the memory card cover on the left side. Nothing strange in itself, but often the simpler cameras are the memory card behind the battery cover on the bottom of the camera, with the result that it is not possible to change the memory card when the camera sitting on a tripod.


I see Canon Eos M10 as one of the more unusual cameras on the market because it so clearly is designed to be simple while not trying to be as small as possible and thus to compromise on performance. Most people interested who see a score with a» M-model «from Canon would choose Eos M3 which is not that much more expensive. Right now it’s just M10 sold with the more compact and vidvinkligare normalzoomen, which – especially this rate – speaks for the M10.