Canon G3 X – with the Longest Zoom

TEST: it’s great to see how Canon focuses on attracting us photographers with good picture quality. Now sold cameras with sensor size as an equally important specification.

Canon G3 X was released as the second in the series with the sensor whose size is called an inch. Canon’s first was G7 X and recently presented two more models.The four are now G9 X with the smallest possible size, the G7 X which is a little bit bigger and brighter, G5 X that have viewfinders and finally G3 X with a big zoom range of 25 x.


All models feature entumssensorn on the twenty megapixel. A pixel count that gives a not insignificant amount of information. Assuming the lens is sharp enough. Despite his long zoom lens can do with G3 X good. The blue channel is a bit softer and it can cause color shifts around the details, but in general the lens is impressive. Chromatic aberration is minimal when I review an uncorrected raw file. Only a little in the red channel at full wide angle.

Further examination by an uncorrected raw file reveals that wide angle mode is fixed to a severe distortion. This means that the image is scaled up at the edges and thus can never be as sharp as an uncorrected image. It is something that can be felt in the far corners. On most telephoto mode is made even where a correction, but the other way and much smaller. A little funny thing when it comes to the lens and the camera’s design is a bright metallic stripe at the back against the camera body. It will resemble the appearance of a camera with interchangeable lenses. Most lustigast is that Olympus has managed to find the same thing at their Stylus 1s.


To keep the download size, Canon has chosen to make the hand grip. The grip is undoubtedly well designed where the recess of the middle finger with the thumb grip on the back provides support for the camera’s weight. It’s still so the camera is slightly too heavy for it to be completely comfortable with such a small grip. Sure, I support up the camera with the left hand at the time of the photography, but before and after, I agree in the camera with only his right hand.

A small size has got to be more important than giving the camera a viewfinder. A hesitant priority, at least so long as it is not noticeable on the price. A good viewfinder does, of course, the camera more expensive. It is possible to use Canon’s separate viewfinder the EVF-DC1. It costs $2500.

The camera’s exterior in metal feels sturdy and the camera is weather sealed. Lens cap has sensibly enough, a hole in which to attach a thin string. Three programmable rings/wheel provides control over the settings. The zoom slider is sitting on their usual place on the trigger, but if anyone gets the idea that it would zoom with the ring around the lens so it ends with that option is not selectable. For pekfingerhjulet and thumbwheel, there are several options, including the bulb, but the ring around the lens, there are only two choices when program AE and it’s iso setting, or no function at all.

The ring around the lens is thus more clearly dedicated to be a call for manual focus. Switching to manual focusing is done with key on the side of the lens. There is a button and its default function (both buttons are programmable) is to zoom out as long as the button is pressed. Well when I was returning because of the long lost her subject.


There are several features that suit more advanced movie capture. The camera has a microphone input and earphone Jack and hdmi output works when filming. For the exposure either programmed auto or manually. The detail in the HD mode (720 p) is good, but with the FHD (1080 p), it looks like it’s HD mode, scaled up by an extra 150%. It is not unusual, but a little weird when Canon custom camera for it to be good to shoot with.

Detail does not have to mean everything when shooting video and if you go with the additional notch down so you can let the camera trims the slicer to use an effective digital image stabilization. Then it becomes a bit of a floating sensation if you film when you walk.


It is convenient to summarize the cameras like this that are the only ones on the market with its specification. In this case, a entumssensor with 25 x zoom. Panasonic FZ1000 is the nearest competitor with a zoom of 16 x. Its advantages are that it has a viewfinder and can shoot in 4 k resolution. In addition, the more than 1500 dollars cheaper than the Canon model.

Canon G3 X is in a slightly smaller size compared to Panasonic FZ1000, but I find it hard to see that someone would think that the critical limit in size goes right between G3 X and FZ1000.G3 X is also a pretty big and heavy lump. What makes that choice can weigh over to Canon G3 X is that it is vädertätad.