Canon G7 X: Attractive Performance

TEST: the right size on both camera and sensor. New Canon G7 X is currently working with Sony RX100 I/II/III cameras are the most attractive for those who want a small camera as possible, without being locked into a fixed focal length.

In the constant quest for the perfect camera is Canon G7 X good to. I want a small camera that is easy to turn on. I want the zoom and I want a big sensor. You can continue with more or less impossible demands and ideally I want the camera to be waterproof and have a sliding lock for power, so you can do it with what for gloves. G7 X is certainly not perfect with their on/off button, but it has no lens caps that must be off.

The perfect size, it is most impossible to achieve because the sensor is too small then. This is a compromise and, as I see it is entums sensor good to to be the right compromise. The optimal storage must reasonably be in a trouser pocket, but for it to work, I think, on the one hand, that size will be so small that the camera does not include, on the one hand, the camera should be dense so it is not likely to bring in dust. At the same time, it is a great advantage if the camera is so small that it still is possible to have in my pocket a short while and this requirement meets G7 X right.

It is interesting to compare the G7 X with the Canon S-series. The who since 2009 gone from hot S90 to current S120. There is not much that differentiates between G7 X and S120. S120 is thinner and lighter, but clearly neither S120 can handle my requirements for byxficksförvaring. Controls are completely identical except for that G7 X has an additional call for exposure compensation. They have almost the same zoom range, which reaches 120 mm S120 and corresponding G7 X to 100. In the compromise between the size of the sensor and the camera takes G7 X home a resounding victory.

Manual control

As always, there is a catch – and this is the price. G7 X is now at $6700 S120 was announced just over a year ago and cost approximately 4300.Today the S120 dropped to 3200 which is less than half the price compared to G7 X. It’s such a big difference to but preferably should feel that they have the advantage of the other two differences.

One is to tilt the screen, the other is manual controls when shooting video. Would, for example, the film to study in detail the movements, it is good to be able to set a fast shutter speed so that that move will be sharp when you pause the movie. With their larger sensor can handle also G7 X to shoot in low light in a totally different way than S120. It is worth mentioning that S120 actually gives a slightly sharper picture in full HD (1080). The difference is not large, it is just that it is visible, and it is not that the film is more uppskärpt. In 720 mode, it is the other way around, which is the G7 X sharper. I would have liked to have seen even with 720 had been able to choose between 30 and 60 fps Now can only get 60 with 1080 resolution.

The sharpening of video can also affect with the same settings as you have available for jpeg images. It is called» my colors in the custom color «and» «you can adjust contrast, sharpness, saturation and color saturation divided for red/green/blue/skin tone.

When it comes to controls and settings in the rest, it is a clearly elaborate set offered in G7 x. the two buttons» call func. «and filming above flervalsreglaget can both be changed to instead get a function from a set of twenty-two pieces of different options. Button image display turns on or turns off the camera without the lens pops out. Smoothly – and most compact cameras work rightly so.

The choice» C «the program knob is good then the camera always reset to the settings they stored. If, for example, change the white balance of the camera in C-mode, the choice to be forgotten when you turn off the camera. The next time you turn it on, it is the stored setting for white balance which is valid in C mode. Do you do the same thing in P mode, the camera will remember all the settings you made.

An exception is the exposure compensation in that it is a physical controls. I have a little hard to see the point of physical control, they risk only to end up in the wrong location. When I grab the camera often end up my thumb on the program selection knob and when the camera is rotated a bit in my grip twisted slider way too easy.

It would be far better to have programvalet in the context menu, and exposure compensation on an upward pressure on dual slider. When flaccid camera completely controls with natural setting.

 Nice brightness

The lens in G7 X can boast an excellent brightness even at telephoto mode. The nearest competitor Sony RX100 III has also the same brightness (1.8-2.8), but its range reaches only to the equivalent of 70 mm, compared with 100 for G7 X., we look at two steps is the difference whole S120 then S120 on its range have brightness 5.7. It can be frustrating to sit with good brightness at wide angle mode and know that it works to photograph, despite the Dim light, then zooms in so that the benefits of a fast shutter speed is even greater, but instead becomes the time suddenly several steps further.

I noted earlier a little fast to G7 X has the great advantage of its large sensor. With the high resolution and a small zoom lens, it is natural to wonder if the lens is good enough for such a good sensor.

The answer is Yes. At aperture f/4 is the sharpness is excellent in the middle and edge at both wide angle and telephoto. At f/1.8 is edge sharpness not as good, but in the Middle it is sharp. But the point is not to dazzle down the lens for optimum sharpness. At f/8.0 is my sharpness clearly worse so it’s great that the camera has a built-in gray filter on three steps.

Flashy wifi system

WiFi seems to be more or less standard in cameras and Canon G7 X is no exception. If you create an account at Canon Image Gateway can it store preferences for various webbtjänsterer, but what I can see not Instagram. What is listed is, among other things, Facebook, Irista, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Google Drive.

After the camera synced with the settings you choose to add, they are selectable in camera. It’s a really nice system where you can see a history of all uploads and where you have good control of the settings. I tried to upload to Facebook. The last elections (public/friends/private) comes up by default, quickly accessible with an upward pressure on dual control during playback. Then a short wait for the camera to connect to a wireless network. The last step is to either choose several pictures or just send up the current image. When the image is sent up the network connection is disconnected. If you want to write a comment to get up a keyboard and the fact that the camera has a touch screen, it goes pretty good writing.

Worse is that the keyboard doesn’t have. Images uploaded to either scaled down size M (2304×1536) or S (720 x 480).