Check Out The Official Launch Of The Nikon Retro Df

Yes I know. You couldn’t take it anymore to wait for official news on new camera from Nikon to put an end to the many rumors and, of course, to remedy your extreme curiosity. Well, Nikon officially introduced yesterday, your retro full-frame Nikon camera Df.

The specs don’t change much from what we here in FL, but let’s repeat them at the end of this article.

The absolute novelty is the lens. In addition to being compatible with today’s AF, AF-S DX NIKKOR lenses and AF-D, the full-frame Nikon retro Df also bear the ancient classical and non-Ai lenses Ai Nikkor (those old lenses of the 50, that your father or grandfather used, may come out of the closet).

Yes, I know! You’re even wondering what the price of full-frame Nikon retro Df!?

On the company website, the suggested value is $ $2,749.95. Kit with a 50 mm f/1.8 AF-S (also with retro style) will leave for $3,000 .00. If you want to buy a 50 mm separately, $ $279,95.(remember that are suggested prices).

The retro full-frame Nikon Df must be available for sale at the end of this month (November 2013).

For the brazilian reality, these figures are too salty, even more when we talk about the professional market, which is full of much more powerful cameras with more features at less exorbitant prices.

When you get here in Brazil, with the appreciation of the dollar and the absurd taxes that will be levied, the price will reach the stratosphere. In this respect, we can only hope a nice stab.

An example of this nonsense is the Canon 5 d MK III. Outside the kit comes out about $ $2,500.00 (a R $5000 and little). Here, you don’t find for less than R $10000.

Below you see the rest of the photos and, in the end, the specifications that we’ve been here.