Digital Video Surveillance Cameras and Related Definitions

Learn in safety

Always happen again at German schools incidents of vandalism, violence and crime. An insecure environment for children, youth, teachers, and distressed and unwanted costs for school management are possible consequences.

Image: Mobotix

By their presence carry cameras to protect against vandalism in on a school campus in England. There CCTV (official note: CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TV) in schools is nothing.

With different measures is played against these problems that occur not only at elementary and secondary schools, but also at secondary schools. Video surveillance may be one of them.

The methods to counteract vandalism, fights or theft, are manifold. They range from educational preventive measures on a more stable fabric and means to technological solutions, such as

Digital Video Surveillance Cameras and Related Definitions

electronic access control to campus. True to the motto “Trust is good – control is better”, there are considerations regular searches of bags and backpacks by trained personnel.

While proponents want safety standards for schools that match those in companies and factories, critics see in the transformation of the educational institution in a maximum security prison. Too fast will overlook how technical solutions can make an important contribution to increased safety in public buildings, such as, among other schools.

The installation example of a Mobotix camera can be directed to the specific needs in the school system. The sensitive data protection demands require solutions that do not basically everything and everyone filming, but record only under certain conditions and the Filmed represents only selected responsibility makers.

Prevention helps

Ideally, find a violent or criminal act rather not even. Safety technology helps prevent crime, in which it acts preventively and deters potential offenders. Just knowing about the presence of a camera, most people hold on to their deeds. With the result that the crime rate in such places, places as well as in buildings, decreases.

In the playground they can brawls, other violent attacks, prevent unlawful acts such as smoking or willful damage of property – as in the building, such as in the hallways, on the stairs or an auditorium. It makes sense to their use in rooms with expensive technology: in the laboratory, the computer room or the gym, wherever thefts and vandalism lead to higher costs. Even if the insurance bear losses of example projectors and screens, the re-acquisition usually takes a long time. In the meantime, to abstain from the use of the equipment – the curriculum is unachievable, the victims are the students. Since the appeal of a school also depends on its range of technical equipment and for making investments in the millions, their protection is particularly important. This is true also for sports facilities with equipment.

Not only protection but also security surveillance

Burglaries and intentional damage are done mostly at night and after school, unauthorized hold mostly without difficulties in the unsecured and open to the public on school grounds. Especially graffiti artists, vandals and thieves act under cover of darkness. A surveillance  camera remains active even after the end of the school activities and effective protection. (See more abbreviations and definitions) The Dual Camera Mobotix M12 with two separate high-resolution image sensors guarantees example detailed color images in daylight and high-sensitive black / white recordings at night. Already happened can be detected easily, check statements and prove acts.

A built-in speaker is another useful technical equipment of a Mobotix camera. In conjunction with the event-driven recording and alarm function of the device, it allows for immediate action. Reacts example, the thermal sensor in the camera because of a fire or the noise sensor with a shout, then the camera will connect to a phone or PC. It may then not only transmit a live picture, but enables the receiver to communicate through the speaker. He can initiate an evacuation or issue a warning. It has a camera so the necessary technical requirements, it is to afford a helpful means in affected schools contribute to improved safety, violence and crime.