Draw for The Dell Mini 9, Participants

After the Christmas holidays and the maelstrom of CES 2009, we already have available the list of participants for the contest win a Dell Mii 9 with Engadget. The draw was an extra accompanying the votes of the best of 2008, whose results we will begin to publish today same for own Engadget readers can discuss what we voted.

In the vote of The best of 2008 They participated more than 2,750 readers, but finally, after sorting, review and formatting all the votes, they have been 1.580 participants that fulfilled the first condition of the contest: have a valid user page on Engadget.

Before leaving you with the full list so you could search, let’s see a small revision to the rules for draw:

  • Once reviewed all votes have been those which have Engadget of user page at the time of testing, and this has been correctly specified in the vote.
  • Has been assigned to each of them a number that will be the ticket to enter the sweepstakes.
  • The winner will be decided by the winning number in the draw for the eleven of the Tuesday 13 January, 2009, which will apply you function module 1580, which will give a number between 0 and 1.579, to be determined by the winner.
  • From Engadget we will contact the winner to get the prize. In case there is any problem with the winner (inability to contact him, which belongs to Weblogs, S.L. or do not reside in Spain) Award will go to the next in the list.
  • Any question or problem that may arise shall be resolved by the editors of Engadget, whose verdict shall be final.

Then, the list of participants with the number that take part in the draw. Good luck to all.