Electronics for Christmas

Christmas is already in less than two months. Overview of the next output material that could well make people happy and thus end up under the tree.

After the start of the school year, Christmas is usually the big second period of the year where the French freight. Builders have understood and, generally, still retain assets in their neck to draw a few weeks before the holidays. Cameras, TV, tablets, connected objects and even console games, there is something for everyone.

Lenovo Yoga 910: an ultra-thin convertible

Powerful, this notebook PC equipped with a hinge that rotates 360 degrees taking a latest generation Intel Core processor (Intel set Lake). His superb tile 13.9 inch 4K to the ultra-thin edges, its 16 GB of RAM, its SSD up to 1 TB and, finally, its announced 15 hours autonomy explain its high price.

Advertised price: 1899 euros
Availability: November

Panasonic FZ2000: camera filmmaker

FZ1000, this Panasonic FZ2000 update offers better finishes and, especially, has what it takes in the case for itself as a must on the video picture. Indeed, the properties of its sensor (20 Mpixel) allied to those of its optical and all the on-board electronics make it can take beautiful pictures, and shoot in 4 K UHD and 4 K Cinema sequences at rates such as fixtures will make in the image closely.

Advertised price: 1299 euros
Availability: November
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Philips OLED 901F: the TV of superlatives

At the end of the year, Philips decided to launch its first OLED TV that accumulated technologies. In addition to his 55 slab inch OLED Ultra HD, this model has the House Ambilight technology, take a real processor to run the Android TV system, and offers even a powerful sound system 6.1 of 30 watts.

Advertised price: 3500 euro
Availability: November
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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 more: multimedia slate

With its IPS 2 K of 10.1 inch screen and its four speakers (JBL) on the front, this tablet with integrated foot runs on Android (version 6.0) and is clearly focused on multimedia. To properly run the apps, it embeds a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB (expandable via microSD) for storage. Icing on the cake, it would provide more than 18 hours of battery life.

Advertised price: 299 euros
Availability: November

Canon EOS M5: a good profile of photographer

This hybrid Cannon was wait for a while. He will have the difficult task of reconciling lovers of this type of aircraft with the Japanese brand, it having not shine on this market in recent years. First of all, the M5 EOS camera takes what it takes to satisfy hunters of images to the point of forgetting (a little) the video.

Advertised price: from 1130 euros (naked)
Availability: November
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Sony RX100 Mark V: the compact King of the burst

The Sony RX100 is a compact expert who takes to the Sony catalog. The version Mark V coming this fall, with embedded technologies even further than the previous version , which one to take the gusts to more than 24 frames per second! What see the slightest full competition-megapixel sensors earthquake.

Advertised price: 1200 euros
Availability: November
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Sony Alpha 6500: SLR mini carved for action

An autofocus Super fast in 0.05 second, good power of burst and a sensor (finally) stabilized and at the cutting edge, he does no more to the Alpha 6500 to openly poaching on the field of sports photo (or action) where the SLR kept still some advantages.

Advertised price: 1700 euros
Availability: November
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Lenovo K6: a great smartphone at a small price

Sold less than 200 euros, the Lenovo K6 is a smartphone Android equipped with a screen 5 inch Full HD under which lies a configuration sufficient to spin and store a number satisfying apps, part surprisingly gourmet games, it has a sensor of fingerprint on his back, an equipment usually reserved for high-end devices.

Advertised price: 199.90 euros
Availability: November

Netatmo valves connected: for a room-by-room control

Netatmo, the specialist of connected objects, will propose a solution for those who don’t want to year-end (can) not install thermostat on their heating system. It’s connected to radiator to water valves that allow set – to the nearest degree and intelligently – the temperature in a room.

Advertised price: 179 euros (pack 2 valves with connection gateway)
Availability: November

HTC One A9S: An A9 is reduced

Considered too expensive by many at its output, the A9 leaves this year belong to the A9S. Screen 5.2 inch LCD 720 p, processor MediaTek, WiFi n, most of the features are decidedly less upscale than those of his predecessor.He still, however, the sensor of fingerprint series as well as its photo/video sensor rear 13 MPixels.

Advertised price: 299 euros
Availability: November
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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro: more power to the 4K and VR

Announced as an evolution of the existing PS4, PS4 Pro however has ambition to build upon its technical platform more efficient to offer last generation players to even more beautiful titles on TV. Without forgetting the legacy of the PS4 Pro for virtual reality will be to enjoy, with The PlayStation VR on the nose.

Advertised price: 399 euros
Availability: November 10
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Creative SoundBlasterX Katana: the bar of his gaming

The Katana of Creative is interesting in more ways than one. This bar of its small enough to be used under the TV or PC monitor has a system of backlighting (for style) and a subwoofer (for the sound). Certified Dolby 5.1, all delivers a maximum power of 75 watts RMS.

Advertised price: 299 euros
Availability: November

ASUS ZenScreen: compact laptop screen

Power carrying around a compact 15.6-inch screen as this ZenScreen be interested in no doubt small portable PC users who want to have a more comfortable second display to work in mobility. The Full HD display (1920 by 1080 pixels) is only 8 mm thick, works with a unique connector USB Type-Cand weighs only 800 grams.

Advertised price: from 249 euros
Availability: December

ASUS ZenWatch 3: Watch more beautiful and more autonomous

The new smartwatch from Asus has a thinner circular dial (9.95 mm) of 1.39 inches, which does not offer a substantial range of 2 days of use according to the Taiwanese brand. Battery is charging from 0 to 60% in just 15 minutes. The processor “special watch” Qualcomm is used here (Snapdragon Wear), and different colors will be offered with a range of matching bracelets.

Advertised price: from 249 euros
Availability: December
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ASUS ROG G20: Core i7 and GeForce GTX last cr

The G20 of Asus ROG is a compact PC to format “console” able to accommodate high end components. The evidence, it will be updated later this year to accommodate the new Intel Core 7th generation and the latest GeForce. We can go up to the GeForce GTX 1080, a Core i7, DDR4 and a big SSD coupled with a good HDD.

Advertised price: from 1599 euros for a model with GTX 1060 and 2399 euros for a model with Core i7 and GTX 1080.
Availability: December

SkullCandy Crusher Wireless: the headset that vibrates

Wireless headphones able to take calls and that Skullcandy has a lot worked wearing comfort and who put on a rather unusual to convince feature: the presence of vibration motors in order to add a new dimension to the sound.The connection to a device is Bluetooth (aptX) either through a traditional cable. Autonomy would be substantial since data for 40 hours.

Advertised price: 149 euros
Availability: December