Elinchrom ELB 400 – Blazing Good Light

TEST: Elinchrom launched its new battery pack ELB 400 to its Quadra-system last spring. With greater strength, more flashes per charge and a convenient format, they offer much light per kilo.

The little Quadra system was launched for a number of years now, and during the journey, so the system has been upgraded in various ways. Last spring came a new battery pack. The differences between the new and the old battery pack are several. Among other things, it is a lithium-ion battery instead of the old lead-hybridbatteriet. The new battery is easier, faster (loading fully on 1, 6s), hold for more flashes (350 pieces on maxkraft) and can also deliver more power (424 Ws). If you want to see changes in the percentages, it is about 20% faster recycling time and 25 percent more flashes.

Other news is that the unit has received a new OLED display that shows the various settings. You can also run the ELB 400 with strobing, delayed ignition or sequence. Price wise, a kit with a head and the unit at around 16900 dollars for actionhuvudet, a little lower for Prohuvudet

Liked by actionfotografer

Quadrasystemet has since launch been estimated by several different groups of photographers, actionfotograferna love the compact size and the hearty dash of light you can get out of them, which often shoot portraits or other things in different locations also like portability and that they are easy to use with the wireless transmitter. And that they are compatible with the entire Elinchroms range of accessories with an adapter.

The system has two different Flash heads, Action and Pro. The difference between these is that Actionhuvudet has a shorter burn time and therefore can freeze movements better. This is achieved with two ignition points in the flash tube.

Another difference between them is that the head is compatible with Hypersync. Hypersync is a method to be able to use shorter shutter speeds than what the camera can actually sync with. However, at present, Hypersync requires that you use a transmitter/receiver from Phottix or Pocket Wizard. According to Anders Edin on Aifo distributes Elinchrom in Sweden, will probably come in the next Hypersync version of Elinchroms transmitter Skyport.

The units have a built-in receiver for Skyport and it comes with a transmitter in each package. Other things will probably come in the next version of Skyport and in future the softwares to the units when they are prepared for that, for example, be able to manage multiple channels than what actually exists in the transmitter.

B2 is the largest competitor

Compare it with the next ELB 400 competitors in their size, Profoto B2, so the size is about the same. On the other hand, delivers the ELB 400 more cream. Where B2 can throw 250 Ws can ELB400 get out 424 Ws, a noticeable difference when lightning is at max. The two big differences are so clear that B2 offers TTL and that you can control the power of the two heads completely indivuduellt.

On the ELB 400, you have to settle for a fast asymmetric relation in strength between the two headers (there is always one step in strength between them), which means that if you want two flashes with the same strength, you need two units. If there is a problem depends of course on how and what to light.

ELB 400 also has more flashes in stock than what Profoto, despite higher power, 350 against 215. PROFOTO also wins some points for having a display on his transmitter.

Opportunity system

It does not take long from the time you set down your bags with Flash package on the ground until you have rigged both lightnings, plugged in the heater and set the transmitter in the hot shoe on the camera and is ready to shoot. The advantage of the transmitter is that it is universal, so long as it’s a standard hot shoe on the camera of average it can redeem the lightnings.

Compare it with the Profoto B2 need to where a Canon or Nikonkamera, as well as a brand-specific transmitters in order to fully take advantage of the technology available. As well as B2 have Quadrahuvudena some specific accessories, but by using an adapter, you can use the entire Elinchroms range of modifiers. The adapter then takes all the weight from the candle molds, smart because the tripod mount on the Quadrahuvudena is not designed to carry so much weight.

Do you want to be mobile when you’re shooting allows the light weight of the system that you have the head of a shoulder strap, the Flash with a small softbox in the hand and camera in the other, as long as you have a camera that is easy enough that is. Do you have an Assistant that can carry the Flash on a monopod and head in a shoulder strap has a very portable and snabbjobbad solution. Smooth is just the first name.

The settings are made in the tenth of a step and can be done either on the unit or via the transmitter. The downside is that the transmitter does not have a display screen so when you start to tune the strength via the transmitter no longer know where you are on the scale — if you do not remember exactly all the settings you made. The transmitter can also control several different groups of flashes on different channels. In the menu on the unit to make all other settings. Therefore, if you want to shoot with strobe effect, delayed ignition or sequence.

Sekvenstagningen means that you can have several Flash heads connected to the ventilation unit so they turn on each other to be able to follow along with the burst shooting.

Delayed ignition, use if you want to sync Flash on the second curtain.

Stroboskopeffekten is used when you want the Flash to turn several times during a long exposure. Then you can of course choose how often and how many times the lightning will strike.

ELB 400 also has a model lighting in the form of LED diodes which can be used both to see how the shadows fall, but also to film as they have a color temperature very close to daylight.

For who

If you work a lot with portraits on the site or if you like to light the images in environments where you need to carry with you the equipment over long distances – Yes, when is a small flexible powerhouse that ELB 400 a good solution because of their portability, flexibility and high power.