Extraordinary Report

Darlings and dear readers of this little corner, I come through this post, to apologize for while we stayed off the air.

It seems that in this last week all solved. Only to give name to the bois: the blog is down for 4 days due to a problem with the domain administrator; my camera fell on the ground and the lens broke; and I got sick, mega, mega, mega cold (flu which still insists on staying with me–we are already turning to friends).

But, instead of thinking about the lack of luck (I don’t like to speak another word) that fell on me, I prefer to think it was fate telling me that I needed a break.

Well, the camera is still broken, what’s preventing me from taking pictures of the looks. According to Canon technical support, she only gets ready in a week. So, I wanted to ask, please, your patience because I do not want any way spend another week without posting.

So, let’s do the following? You give me a good price with regard to the quality of the pictures during these days and tomorrow I do a resumão all that happened in the last few days for us to update all logo (I tb a cannot take more doing late post, people!) and follow and front.

A deal like that?

And, not to let Friday go blank, I made a list of legal nonsense to distract us and welcome to the weekend (and if God willing, to a new wave of luck in my life).

To laugh a lot. To laugh a little more. (aren’t exactly new, but are updated every single day and make me laugh with this same frequency)

Good idea for a new pro tennis your old (or new).

How to make the rank of the day a rango happier (written by Mari Kertesz, countrywoman dear, talented designer and cook horrorshow).

For those who loves and takes care of the House, here ‘s a bunch of good idea. Give Valley a like.

Finally, vintage soundtrack to be happy on Friday.

Good weekend, everybody!