Fisherman Think Machine With Images Intact

A U.S. Man Caught A Camera And Discovered 1,065 Pictures Intact On The Machine.

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Imagine yourself in a weekend of Sun, fishing peacefully in a lake.Cast your line and feel like you got something. Wondering what would be a fish, or a nuisance, pull the line and, surprise, caught a camera.

It seems impossible, but it was precisely that what happened in the United States.

Stephen Garnett was fishing on Lake Tahoe, when visgou a camera. Took the machine home and showed to your wife, Jamie Clark, who is a photography enthusiast.

As if that wasn’t enough the amazing story of having caught a camera, Jamie discovered that the photos from the memory card were intact, for a total of 1,065 images. Of course, the camera was a waterproof model, which facilitated the maintenance of pictures.

In fact, there were five years of pictures stored in the card.Quickly, Jamie has posted two photos of each year on Facebook and searched a local TV network, all to try to find the owner. And found. In fact, the owner.

The camera belonged to Jana Levitre, who, despite not being avid user of Facebook, was encouraged by his daughter to verify that the photos were of her.

Happy ending for those who believed in never review their memories.