Food Styling: the Art of Preparing Food for the Camera

It needs time, effort and acuity to be one of the most recognized stylist of Argentina and Latin America food. And it is not more, Marcela Lovegrove has worked in this art for more than 35 years. Many of you will wonder at the moment, but what about Food Styling? Well, before telling them about Marcela and what I learned it in one of his studios in Buenos Aires, I want to explain to them that it is.

Food Styling the Art of Preparing Food For the Camera

Food Styling

It is the art of preparing food and their environment to put them in front of a camera, whether it is to photograph them or film them. It is important to highlight that the important thing is not the flavor, but the image. Which look do you want to give the photo?, what do I want to show? and in that angle is best seen my food? they are some of the questions we must ask before taking the photo. “Today the photography is very open, but it is essential to organize themselves for good results,” says Marcela. Search for references and make list of shopping and props (plates, bowls, glasses, fabrics, accessories, kitchen, etc) are some of the tips she gives us for the pre-production of our photos.

Tips and advice which we must take into account:

Nothing easier than taking photos with white.

The food should always be paramount, else accompanies.

How much closer I’m meal, wins over food.

If you are working with natural light, look at that time of day is the best light.

What product have to photograph? Where you see better? Do it look like better? they are the three vital questions before making any decision.

It works in your own style. If you haven’t found it yet, still looking for it to discover it!

These photos make them Food Styling with Marcela Lovegrove workshop. If you are in Buenos Aires, please do not hesitate to contact her! I leave your website: our site.