For That Shooting in RAW Infographic

At this point the most fans to the photograph which are initiated know what RAW digital format. But if in your case you don’t clear what it is, then take a look at the types of image files. The infographic below show was conducted by infografiasencastellano.

For That Shooting in RAW Infographic

You have a link if you want to download it in pdf format.

As you can see in the infographic, I file Raw is the digital negative of the camera. It does not suffer any process of adjustment of the camera, it’s like the film in the analog era. On the other hand the files to TIFF and JPEG if they are modified by the values you have set up in the Chamber. For example, brightness, white balance, contrast, etc. A last very important fact is that files JPEG is applied to a compression and also reduced from 12 to 8 bit depth.

Although gets very good quality photos directly from the camera, shooting in jpeg, you limited to enhance or adjust the parameters of the image to the computer, since the resulting photo quality decreases. All this because as mentioned before on compression and bit-depth reduction.

Download PDF Version infographic RAW

Computer graphics should shoot in Raw