FZ2000 Lumix: Panasonic Announces a Great Bridge Way Film Camera

The new bridge to larger stronger zoom Panasonic sensor, but retrieves especially GH4, video reference of the hybrid world video potential.

Only brand with Sony to offer a bridge to sensor 1-inch compact expert, Panasonic updates its FZ1000 case that today gives way to high range box to the FZ2000. Champion of the bridges in France, Panasonic doesn’t negate the displays but FZ1000 expands its offer.

Resuming the FZ1000, the Lumix FZ2000 new sensor brings a new perspective, a higher level of finish. And especially a level of video quality without equal in the field.

The FZ2000 has a 1 inch 20 Mpix sensor benefiting this time not a 16 x zoom, but a 20 x zoom. He inherited nor an optical discount, since this Leica Elmarit 24-480 mm f/2.8-4.5, has a diaphragm to nine strips for a beautiful backgrounds blurs and a neutral density filter opens to shoot wide open, even in bright sunlight.
This high quality zoom is known as internal zooming design: once the unit is turned on and optics deployed, no external item move. It offers several speeds of operation (for the photo or video). This device limits the sensitivity to dust (less risk of infiltration) and allows the lens to move faster. Traditional optical stabilization to couple to a mechanical stabilization 5-axis of the sensor, thus forming a stabilisation ‘hybrid’ supposed to give better results.

Professional video camera

The arrival of a new processor allows the FZ2000 to inflate his video claims.The evidence: it has all the GH4video modes, the hybrid case, King of the video. It is here 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 points) but also of true 4K cinema (4096 x 2160 points at 24-30 frames per second), while the mode 100 Mbps (in IPB mode for the purists). Added to modes Full HD competition pushing up to 200 Mbps (in mode All – I that is that all the images are complete).

If you consider that to make videos of cats, is very important, but for the aspiring filmmakers – or even the real ones – the FZ2000 expected to shoot videos of a rarely reached quality and mount clips to the frame, like the pros.Encoding on memory card is of good quality (SD 4:2:0 8 bit) but for real enthusiasts, HDMI output allows to retrieve a HDMI 4:2:2 10-bit signal, IE the RAW video. A signal that is enriched with a readable and controllable timecode from an external recorder type Atomos Ninja, and for €100 additional license, the management of the V – Log video (a function reserved to the pros). Added to these specifications is cinema – progressive zoom, assistant dolly zoom effects, video fast/slow, synchro scan, etc. – that make this FZ2000 a future must for videographer.

Unique capability of the FZ2000: it is the only camera on the market to allow an unlimited recording time on the memory card, other devices limited to 29 minutes 59 seconds to avoid paying tax of 9% on camcorders.

A camera also

Like all recent photos of Panasonic cameras, the FZ2000 has an autofocus ultra-fast DFD – developed by 0.09 s – and a generous burst. Mode full definition 20 Mpix, the FZ2000 will charge 12 frames per second in continuous 7 fps in AF, single AF, all on 80 images in Jpeg or RAW 30. In addition, there are the inevitable modes photos 4K, a range of functions that use 4K video processing capabilities to make photos of 8 mpix but delusional speed of 30 fps. And besides, the additional functions as a combination of several images to expand the depth of field (focus stacking) or make the development a posteriori (post-focus).

Bigger, beefier

If it is unfortunately not drip-“next time!” swore us a Japanese engineer during the presentation under embargo-box however is a big guy weighing nearly a kilogram (970 g). A rich controls, including housing, a system of double wheels, a zoom lever, buttons to set up the filter neutral density on optics even and, oh joy, a location for memory card placed on the side and not on the device with the battery.

Equipped with Wi-Fi, the FZ2000 finally has a touch screen (this was not the case of the FZ1000) and benefits from a new viewfinder (that of the Lumix G80) with a good eye relief (20 mm, 0, 74 x magnification). Clear: holders of glasses shouldn’t be embarrassed.

The Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 will be available in November €1299.