Genius Digital Cameras Taiwan




Brand facts: 

  • Genius is a Taiwan’s brand specializing in manufacturing electronic products including PC peripherals, audio device, video device and other accessories.
  • Their goal is to create an agile wireless world, thus they are devoted to improving core wireless technology to design innovative products which can bring more fun and benefits for customers.

Main Categories: 

Mobile accessories, wireless series, digital image, audio device, GX-Gaming

How to Upload Pictures from a Digital Camera?  Locate your USB port on your camera and, using the USB cable you got with the camera, insert the smaller plug into your camera. Insert the other plug into your computer’s USB port. If you have pre-installed software, it will… read more on internetdict


Time and place: 1983, Taiwan

Early products: PC peripherals

Parent company: KYE Systems Corp.

Headquarter Location: 

Taipei, Taiwan

Store Locations: 

Taiwan and worldwide

New Arrivals: 002_genius_digital_cameras_new_arrivals

Price Range: 

Digital cameras: USD107.81-USD742.32

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