Google Nexus 7 Outperforms The IPad in Japan

The Nexus 7 is a tablet which has channeled this sector under the operating system Android. The latest figures having their sales not say too much, and are somewhat outdated. But that does not limit its success at all.

And it is that in Japan, this device has gained overcome for the first time to the Apple iPad, in their two models together, according to a survey by the consulting firm BCN published by Nikkei more than 2,400 establishments of consumer electronics.

According to this survey, the margin is adjusted, but not too much. Of every 100, would have sold 44.4 devices from Asus for the 40.1 of the Cupertino. According to this, its more than $100 of difference would be the main reason.

But if we continue reading we see that it has some trick, because while it includes both models of iPad (normal and mini), it is only the month corresponding to the Christmas season and coincides with a shortage of stock in the mini iPad.

Anyway, even though we cannot say that it is a trend, it is true that it is a positive since Japan is a big technological market. 3.6 million tablets in that country were sold in 2012 and it is expected that this figure will grow to 4.9 million this year.