HTC 10 Loses Compared With The Camera Against The Lumia 950

The HTC 10 subject to the Lumia 950 camera test: into the DxOMark renowned could assert themselves the new HTC flagship almost against all other smartphones and sit together with the Galaxy S7 edge at the top. But so far the camera experts have put the current Microsoft top model not yet scrutinized. Another portal has brought to this – with amazing results.

Even if the tester by Neowin certify 10 surprisingly good camera features the HTC Smartphone in this area must be beaten ultimately the Lumia 950. HTC opts for the 12-MP camera module although less Megapixels on a larger chip, to ensure a higher image quality, but nevertheless can convince with its 20-MP camera here rather the Lumia Smartphone. The thing is however a little different with Selfies.

More Flexible Selfie Camera In The HTC 10

Because the front camera in the HTC 10 HTC bought not only an image stabilizer, but also a Flash, the device can parity with the Lumia 950 here. Still have the Microsoft Smartphone in this area not to hide before the HTC top model and produces more high-quality self-portraits even without Flash.

All in all is a little disappointed that the HTC 10 with his camera technique is no better cropped the tester. He adds, however, that he was expecting perhaps a little too much from the HTC device. The Lumia 950 set the mark in this area quite high: taking Microsoft’s photo technology is still the leader in this category.