Measuring Light – with Your Mobile

TEST: we have tested five different light measuring apparatus for android to see how good they are and if they can be of any help for you who shoot analog, or who just want to be able to measure the light with your mobile phone.

Tiny light meter

The best app of those we tested. It measures only reflective light but makes it very accurate. The only app that hit just right. You should complain so are boxes where you select the aperture, shutter speed and ISO right small and pilliga. But I think that it is worth when it’s that good.

Beecam lightmeter

This app has a pretty simple interface. It measures the incident light with the front camera so that you can see the screen while it measures. You can choose which parameters of aperture, shutter speed and ISO which meter should be assumed. Unfortunately, it is not as precise as we would like and measured in our case about two steps wrong.


Here you can measure both reflective and incident light. You can only adjust the ISO number you want to use, but because of how the scale looks, you’ll still get all the stops time and aperture combinations. It is simple to use and measure. Underexponerar about 1/3-step.

Rex light meters

The app is very simple in its execution. A box in which you select the ISO, shutter speed or aperture you want as the baseline and a box in which you press to measure light. Measuring incident light but unfortunately not so accurate, but about two steps below.

Light meter tools

Like VSCO Cam, this is an app that has both camera and editing services.The camera has not, however, the same advanced features like VSCO Cam but give you rather opportunities to add on some quick filter or frame of the images as they are taken. You can also edit images afterwards.