Mechanical Doping: Thermal Cameras in The Tour De France to Detect Motors Hidden on Bikes

The sport of cycling always has been dotted with doping at different levels, is inevitable to separate the trappings of a fantastic show in which our country has always been one of the main representatives, both as racers and teams, and bad practices.

I have already spoken on occasion about technological and mechanical doping in the world of cycling, always with a mixture of evidence and rumors that you have much moved cycling today at a professional level. The last thing I teach is that to detect Motors started to use thermal cameras.

Today I can tell you that the main body after sport bikes, the UCI, It has been confirmed that thermal cameras will be present in some of its competitions as a method to detect the “mechanical doping”. After many tests throughout the year with recognition systems, have decided that the Tour de France will have this type of control installed.

In the Tour de France will have resources and personnel to carry out 3,000 to 4,000 “interventions”

There will be a team formed to handle these scanners, which are possibly placed to the departure and arrival of the stages, but is also possible to carry installed in the rear of the motorcycle of the Organization, or on specific points of the tour. The idea is that it may detect operation in complicated times of travel, when it makes sense using the motor.

A magnetic resonance imaging system and a screen allow you to see if there are more heat account in any area of the picture of the bike, even on wheels. A camera of this type is able to form bright images we can see, created from emission of infrared means of the electromagnetic spectrum of the detected bodies. Are usually represented with a scale of temperatures that are identified by colors:

Obviously there will be “manual controls” end of trail, and can disassemble a bike if necessary. The UCI says that since January of this year, thousands of tests have been made in different disciplines, categories and genres: about 500 were taken at the Tour of Switzerland, more than 2,000 in the Giro of Italy.

There is no more important showcase in this sport to install camera system, and therefore quite closes the doors to its use. Incidentally, the team is signed by the CEA French (Alternative Energies & Atomic Energy Commission), a technological organization controlled by the Government. The competition starts on July 2, we will be attentive to what’s new.