Nikon P900 – with 83 Times Zoom

There is a limit to how far a telephoto lens can be before it becomes unusable. With 83x zoom and 2000 mm long telephoto photography showing that the Nikon Coolpix P900 border is farther away than you might think – which is really useful.

It is a fierce battle being waged between camera producers. They are fighting to have the model with the longest zoom. When Nikon first place resumes now after three years you do it with a vengeance. They take the step to 83x zoom from the 65 x contained in Canon SX60.Longest telephoto mode existed before in Sony H400 with 277 mm (35 mm format equivalent in 1575) and now pin Nikon with the whole 357 mm (equivalent to 2000 mm).

Is it possible to keep still?

The first and most important question is whether there is any score with such a long telephoto photography. It would not be at all surprising if there would be so shaky that the camera could not be used without a tripod. I am thinking not only of the camera to go to keep still for the images to be sharp – it is also about to align the camera at the subject, but that that image just father around. Of course, there is a limit to where practicable, the only question is where the boundary lies. Nikon P900 shows that it is possible to shoot freehand with a focal length equivalent to 2000 mm.

On our site and under the tab Web tv, you can watch a video and a slide show where I used the camera. The picture moves quite a lot on the longest telephoto mode. In still photography, the slicer has time to change his mind from that I push down the imprint to that picture is taken.

Image quality

It can be a little confusing to the camera has such a high resolution 16 megapixel then it really is much more than that is just right for an image from the little 1/2,3-tumssensorn. The interesting thing, however, is that a smaller fyra megapixel Bild from a sextonmegapixelsensor is considerably better than a Fyra megapixel Bild directly from a fyra megapixel sensor. Therefore, it is absolutely right that the camera has a high resolution.

For those who do not want to archive the unnecessary data, I would recommend to scale down images into your computer. The loss will be minimal. To directly in-camera shoot with four Megapixels is worse then the camera’s own downscaling and sharpening is not optimal. P900 has not raw form and, based on the reasoning that it would just be to store useless data, I think it does not do so much. There’s simply not much to pick up from the raw data from a camera with a tiny sensor. At the same time, it can of course be very useful to be able to set the white balance afterwards.

Images from Nikon P900 gets most of the really smart. The lens is impressive and also the longest teleläget looks good. It varies a bit from scene to scene, but if the lens had been bad, it would of course never look good. And the most important thing is that there are so many images that will be good. Otherwise, I’d quickly tire of the camera. Please take a look at the slideshow at and review the very modest chromatic aberration on the image on a buoy and water glare in bright light.

It’s a big lens that Nikon has built. The camera is therefore relatively large and heavy. With a good grip is not an issue except in the bag. That’s great, good grip for rubber fingers, including a good thumb grip.

When it comes to handling and buttons is otherwise I don’t completely agree with Nikon’s choice not to have a good shortcut menu. The function button which is available for convenient access by only one optional setting. I miss the possibility to show a spirit level when shooting. During playback is not available among the focal length with the information for the image and if I want to switch the image in zoomed in close position, I bet. Especially with a camera like this it is often natural to take a number of pictures and then choose the best one. The selection will have to wait until later in the computer then it will be near impossible to do without the ability to switch the image in camera with preserved are zoomed in.

It is excellent that the low resolution viewfinder hopefully belongs to bygone era. P900 has the same high resolution display on the viewfinder screen, and I think it works okay. The viewfinder is rather small and relatively weak, but the contrast a better viewfinder would obviously make the camera more expensive. However, it is little wonder that there is a lower rate than what I’m used to. The picture stutters a little if I move the camera. In theory make it that it may be harder to catch rapid events, but in practice I think it is mainly a cosmetic detail.


There’s no doubt that I think that Nikon P900 is a fun camera. As a convenient tool for extreme telephoto shooting, it is unbeatable. Just remember that it often works badly to photograph at several kilometres distance when the air is tense too much. Then, you do not have the same advantage of a fine lens in Nikon Coolpix P900.