Olympus E-PL7-Compact Creativity for the Fashion Conscious

TEST: Olympus E-PL7 directed at those who want a camera with good uploading facilities and an easy handling. But after all the way?

Olympus series with mirror loose SLRs in micro four thirds-formtatet has always been more or less complex designations do not always seem to follow the laws of logic. So also Olympus E-PL7. But if you look at the silver top cover so you can see the words “Olympus Pen Lite «.» That means it is a» Little «-version of E-P, most crisp -Olympus Pen series. And what do you notice when you pick it up for the first time. The feeling is not quite as solid and certain details feels a bit of plastic. But if the build quality not being in class with E-P series so it means also that the price can be lower. E-PL7 is still a camera that delivers some nice features for beginners or families who want a smooth camera with more options than a typical compact.


The sensor in the E-PL7 is same as in E-PL6, which in itself means that it is the same as in E-PL5. There’s really nothing to object against which, it is a right good sensor, even if there had been more recent variants in later years. The processor has, however, been jacking to Truepic VII instead of Truepic we who sit in the previous version. Olympus themselves also says that E-PL7 rated their fastest autofocus, and it is undeniably both quick and good at finding the right.

They have also stopped in the image stabilizer from the somewhat most crisp the camera on-D E-M10 giving E-PL7 extra opportunities to dark photography. According to Olympus themselves E-PL7 also received their fastest autofocus system.

A purely physical difference is that the new screen can tilt 180 degrees downward. In this way, we can thus tilting it so that it is clearly visible from the front, which simplifies to take self portraits.

Plasticky feel

As I already mentioned in the introduction, it feels that E-PL7 is a cheaper camera. I had the camera during the Christmas and new year celebrations, but the camera had to stay inside during the tours in the mountains. It was simply not built to be with out of a backpack.

What is it that doesn’t feel as solid as the more expensive models you might ask? Well, I’ll explain. Caps feels pretty plastic, although according to the Olympus is in metal. Battery cover feels rather flimsig and the folding screen is not so stable. The fastener is flimsy and the plastic around the screen is quite fragile flexig feels in any way. But I’m probably a little too harsh on E-PL7 on this planet. It’s not supposed to be in the same class as if-D models, which feels much sturdier. This camera is just so well built that it needs to be to handle the situations where the most likely will end up. A build quality that works great to take with you on holiday (as long as the holidays than mountain adventure or extreme in any way) and use in everyday life.

The camera comes with a kitzoom that has the motorized zoom. The advantage is that it is fairly compact, the downside is that it is slower to use a motorized zoom than a manuellzoom. It gives a sense of recognition, perhaps the more used to a compact camera, but efficiently, I had rather seen a manual lens.

I wish more camera manufacturers were as good as Olympus on Wifi.Then the world would be a better place for all who want to transfer pictures from their camera to their smartphone. Olympus method is superb smooth. You thoughts down app Olympus Image Share to your smartphone or tablet. Then turn on the wififunktionen on the camera. On the screen will then a qr code to pop up. It should you shoot with your smartphone when the app is running, then you get all the settings needed for the camera and cell phone to communicate. The next time you want to connect them automatically. Totally sick smoothly and as I said, I wish more start using similar systems. Well in the app is slightly different capabilities. On the other hand, one can, of course, control the camera, you can also transfer images between the camera and the unit, a third feature is that you can add on the effect filter available in camera on pictures. Both images were taken with the camera and pictures you’ve taken with mobile phone camera, so do you like Olympus effect filters, there is a point to download the app even if you do not have a Olympuskamera.

When you want to control the camera via the app, you have many choices, you can adjust pretty much anything that has to do with exposure but also which exponeringsl give you use, you can zoom, select the white balance and ISO. Most of it seems thoughtful and smart. I’m actually inclined to say that Olympus has probably one of the better wifi features I’ve seen in a camera in this class.

Fashion accessory and selfieflörtare

In its marketing and presentation of E-PL7 adds Olympus focus on looks and style. It should be a smooth-running fashion accessory. It is almost so that you wonder if it is actually meant to camera to take great pictures, or just to be nice. Or Yes … No, now I was maybe a little hard again. But the fashionable appearance has undoubtedly had a major impact in Olympus. And I think that’s the right way to go to create an interest in more advanced cameras in a group that was previously at the most would be interested in a half decent compact camera. Given the price and the ease with which it was handled, I also believe that it works well in that category. The folding screen flirts more with the selfiegenerationen who will be happy to photograph themselves with their friends and posting the images on the various social media. It also plays the great staff a great role, it should be easy to transfer the pictures otherwise they lose interest. If you want you can also make finished collage in the camera and then put out to various social media. There are various templates and these can be configured in different ways to get the look you want. In addition, it is very easy to get the mode on the camera when it has a custom setting on the program selection knob. The camera has left its effect filters and their self-explanatory adjustment panel.

The screen is also touch that makes you have very fast access to for example the wifi function when it has its own direct button on the screen. But even focus or trigger can be placed on the screen. Like other touch screens, however, I would consider me to have even more features on the screen. But it would perhaps be a little cluttered and navigate in the end.

The white balance is not entirely on the course all times. In particular, the indoor incandescent light makes it a bit too often inaccurate assessments. The sensor front this has not happened so far on the MFT, which means that the image quality is very similar to its predecessors. In the video mode has been slightly better. The picture quality is therefore a good idea, but there is no need to upgrade from their E-PL5 to get better images (technically speaking, that is). With that said, the image quality good, quite sufficient for the requirements you might ask on this camera.


If the idea of the Olympus E-PL7 is to aim at those who in normal circumstances, maybe more, had been looking for an advanced compact camera or just an upgrade from mobile camera, who want a camera that is easy to handle and want to retain the ability to quickly upload pictures on social media and also take photographs in a way that is convenient for the type of images, I think Olympus found right with E-PL7. But I also think that the camera can bring joy to a more advanced users who want a camera for the entire family because it has all manual adjustments required but also very menial positions for those who are not so advanced.

The price situation in combination with functional richness, the camera makes a great alternative for those who want a good, simple camera without getting ruined.