Orange Launches Mobile Tweety

I think I’ve seen a cute kitten, say, a new mobile. In reality is the Sony Ericsson Z610i which Orange you are deploying personalized with the image of Tweety, although they wanted to call it by its original name in English, Tweety.

It will be on sale starting tomorrow in contract by 9 euro for portability and 89 in the case of new high, including a cuelgamovil and 300 euros in 3 G services (which do not specify).

I find it a little weird, since long it did not hear talk about this bird, although we are sure that you have a good reception among the female audience. What is not is because not call him Tweety instead of Tweety, when it is the name by which everybody knows it.

Oh, and if we don’t want contract, it also has prepaid with the Sony Ericsson Z310.