Outdoor Surveillance System with Video Sensors and Motion Detectors

Videor VIEW 2-12: Guest Post by Ulrich law, HeiTel Digital Video GmbH

Outdoor Surveillance System with Video Sensors and Motion Detectors

“Unlike traditional intrusion detection system

Provide outdoor deluxe surveillance

The advantage of timely detection and reporting.

When talking about modern, pro-active safety concepts, the perimeter security and outdoor surveillance falls to a special meaning. Because they detect and report attacks early and make a valuable contribution to prevention. HeiTel has addressed these issues. Ulrich-law explained advantages and application possibilities.

Detect most security solutions and to report breaches or other crimes and events that led to financial losses lead, until they exhibit damage occurred. Are you reactive concepts to reason that an effective report damage, but not prevent it can. Modern, proactive security concepts however, detect and report attacks early on and secured objects thus preventing damage before they occur. The emergency and service control center (NSL) met in this concept with their offer on video-based services – next modern alarm and video transmission technology.

– A central and therefore indispensable function.

Classic applications

In this context, the perimeter protection comes and the external monitor special importance. The classic applications lie in the hedge of risk and safety infrastructure of water and energy supply, commercial or open spaces military security areas. Always are often appropriate products for perfecting and completion conventional safety concepts used. In contrast to the “classical” intrusion detection system provide outdoor surveillance systems the advantage of timely.

Detection and reporting, thus preventing of offenses and damage. Property insurers, professional associations and other institutions deal now thoroughly with the theme of perimeter protection and also the VdS is medium guidelines and concepts develop.

Infrared Motion Detection (IMD)

Sophisticated products for the outdoor detection are already available. Depending on the manufacturer, application and project-specific conditions come with different systems detection methods are used: field change detector on microwave or radar base, distance sensors based on light barriers or laser technology, ground-detection systems, electromechanical fence Alarm Systems Video and motion sensors or passive infrared motion detectors (PIR). As most effectively prove High-PIRs, such as those offered by the HeiTel Digital Video GmbH. The HeiTel IMD series (Infrared Motion Detection) combines high performance PIRs, specifically motion detection outdoors developed and used in combination with CCTV and intrusion detection technology were optimized. For the different object and application-specific conditions are middle and long distance detector with ranges of up to 150 meters and narrow beam angles and volume indicator – as a surface detector – with different reaches and accordingly wide opening angles available.

Excellent detection reliability and a very low rate of undesirable Alarms draw the HeiTel IMD detector out. Modern DSP technology and intelligent and adaptive limit tracking blinded by environmental influences caused, disturbances of to a large extent.

Increase reliability

Nevertheless, at the outdoor surveillance with a certain amount of unwanted Alarms expected. A “false-alarm free” detection is technically not (yet) possible, depending the scenario can animals or people unpredictable unpredictable and cause unwanted alarms. A video-based alarm verification by NSL therefore remains indispensable. By intelligent combination of different detection mechanisms can the functional reliability increase however clearly: Links If the standard video motion detection HeiTel video gateways with the output signals the HeiTel IMD detector, so sets the video gateway until a verification alarm from the NSL when trigger both systems. But not only security and detection quick alarm verification are crucial necessary for an operational use. You must also the precise adjustment and fine adjustment the motion detector during installation and commissioning easily be possible.

Diagnostic systems and remote service

Stand for the HeiTel IMD series corresponding tools and diagnostic systems are available. They allow a precise alignment and object-specific adaptation of the detection behavior. When commissioning the detector helps, for example, a mobile, cigarette-large diagnostic instrument, the detection range of the detector accurately determine. In addition to the release behavior provides the instrument and the respective by the motion profile caused the signal quality detector optically clear. The HeiTel IMDSerie also offers a unique opportunity the remote services and remote diagnosis: The detectors can be very comfortable spot or parameters remotely and diagnose. The RS485 bus, the detector connected to a HeiTel Video Gateway are what the convenient, subsequent adjustment the release behavior or sensitivity the detector from a distance allows. This feature can not say enough be emphasized, because it is precisely in the outdoor surveillance is the time-consuming readjustment the detection systems of rule. The Therefore option of remote access means optimum adaptation to the respective local conditions, but also a drastic reduction of operating costs.

Ulrich-law since 1980 in security area operates and since 2006 at HeiTel with technical management entrusted. Moreover engaged he would like to in various professional associations, including as chairman of the Committee on transmission and networking technology in BHE.