Panasonic FZ1000 – Compact 4 K Machine

Panasonic FZ1000 is the camera for you who are interested in being able to shoot in 4 k resolution. The price is relatively low, given to you at the time of purchase will receive a good standard camera with the pleasant entums sensor.

Panasonic FZ1000 has an appealing exterior for those who like to be in control. Sliders and buttons are many and well placed. That is precisely why it is surprising that Panasonic has scrapped a wheel of the index finger. On SLRs, it’s almost standard to have a wheel for the thumb and one for the index finger. Possibly you could see it as so because FZ1000 now is not an SLR, it has thereby only one wheel of the thumb. If there would be a declaration, it feels not the logic of the argument is completely obvious.

The electronic viewfinder is of the highest caliber and I feel good with the swivel screen that can be turned towards the camera in a completely protected mode. The autofocus is excellent fast and I like the operation overall.

Double zoom range

Together with Sony Panasonic RX10 FZ1000 is in its own category of cameras without interchangeable lens. Later in the year there appear another competitor when Canon has announced that they will release a similar model. The joint is the size of the sensor (1 inch) and a long, but bright zoom lens.

Although Panasonic RX10 FZ1000 and Sony in many ways are similar, they are not at all a few copies of each other. Price and sensor are equal, but the zoom range is the double of the price of FZ1000 to brightness 2.8 not retained at teleläget. Rx10 has a built-in gray filter but not a screen that can rotate in two stages.

Shines with 4 k

Sony RX10 has earphone Jack and the possibility of variable aperture, two characteristics that are suitable for filming. Panasonic FZ1000 lacks this but shines instead with 4 k resolution. Quite as shiny is unfortunately not the function itself when not using the entire sensor surface. This means that the image is cropped and the fine at angle equivalent to 25 mm, 36 mm, instead becomes a focal length just right can qualify as wide-angle.

The reason it looks like this is that 4 k film is picked out from the sensor without any nerskalning. Sensor width is 5472 pixels, whereas 4 k video has a width of 3840. You can see that the sensor in FZ1000 fits exceptionally bad to 4 k video. We look at Panasonic GH4 so have its sensor the width 4608 and the crop will be 20 percent instead of the 43 who with FZ1000. Samsung is so far the only competitor regarding 4 k video (in consumer cameras mainly intended for still image), and manage it all in a better way and can handle with excellent results to scale down their entire sensor width (6480) to 3840.

The lens is sharp at wide angle mode and pretty far up against teleläget, but on the longest telephoto mode it is not as impressive. Lose the lens part in contrast and sharpness. The images are corrected for a pretty severe distortion at the wide-angle position but despite it’s edge sharpness. It also corrected for chromatic aberration, but even if the optical gap is not as apparent as it goes not quite to correct remove software wise.

The sensor performs as expected on the basis of their size. This means that the both the high sensitivity and dynamic range is about three steps lower than a full 35 mm sensor (36 x 24 mm) and two steps better than 1/2.3 «sensor that sits in 50 x-zoomkameror.


If you currently own a long zoom compact, like the concept, but tired of the image quality – which is arguably Panasonic FZ1000 a good choice; You don’t get the same extreme long tele in the latest models with a 50 x zoom or more, but the 16 x which FZ1000 has is much more useful because the camera can be used even when it is not bright sunlight. Good light is almost a requirement for compact cameras with 50 x zoom.

The choice between the two price wise equivalent RX10 FZ1000 and Sony is mainly about 4 k and l anymore phone (Panasonic) versus brightness 2.8 throughout the zoom range (Sony). For those who want to take advantage of the Nice vidvinklighet even during filming so you get figure away 4 k possible with FZ1000.