Pentax K-3: It’s Now Official Ricoh Launches The Official Pentax K-3 And Promises To Revolutionize The FL

As we set this Monday (7), Ricoh has officially launched, on your website, the Pentax K-3. She should be in stores in November. InBrazil, probably only for import.

According to the company, the Pentax K-3 is the best amateur camera produced currently. It will cost $ $1,300 only the body.With the Kit lens, the 18-135 mm f/3.5-5.6, $ $1,600.

The brand still will throw 2,000 equipment on line Silver Edition(Silver), which changes in color and price. The Pentax K-3 Silver Edition will come out for the low price of $ $1,600. It also will come with the Battery Grip D-with 5.bg5.

Because Ricoh says Pentax K-3 is the best camera of your category? Why is one that comes with the filter system Anti-Aliasing (AA) with switches. The Nikon already has this filter, but you have to buy a camera with or without, you can’t just turn on or off.

But what would be the AA? In fact, the AA is an old acquaintance of electronic games. He simply takes the digital aliasing common circular image and improved, leaving the scene much smoother.

See illustration below. In another article I will explain better.

Another advantage of Pentax K-3 is that your body is made of magnesium alloy and stainless steel chassis, which brings a greater resistance and durability.

Moreover, the Pentax K-3 has two SD card slot and one for the new Eye-fi technology, which connects with external devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) and the internet.

Now the other technical specifications of Pentax K-3:

She manages to give amazing 8.3 shots per second (fps). Has a 24 MP CMOS sensor and an auto-focus of 27 points.

The system of image stabilization is in the body of the machine and not on the lens, as in the Canon. This guarantees the same stability in all lenses.

The ISO of the Pentax K-3 is quite satisfactory. He goes from 100 to 51200, which ensures pictures with enough sharpness in environments without much lighting. Also contains system with noise reduction.

It has built-in flash and hot shoe to attach external flash.

In order, the Pentax K-3 is a great camera, with functions and designate which leave nothing to be desired for the famous brands Canon and Nikon.