Playstation Phone December 9?

The history of PlayStation Phone It is becoming long, and is giving many pages to media that debated long and hard, some proposed by own Sony Ericsson CEO.

The latest episode comes from our neighbouring country, France, in which a French website has published what appears to be an invitation from Sony Ericsson at an event on December 9, and as you can see in the picture, the icons speak for themselves.

In addition to a “la présentation attendue de ces 10 Dernières Années plus”, that gives it a touch of hype that may correspond with an important announcement, and it is increasingly less doubt its veracity, another issue is that it is ready as soon.

The truth is that I would be submitted as soon as possible, I have excessive curiosity about the pileup, but almost everyone points to the Mobile World Congress as more correct date, Android will be in a version more modern to undertake the adventure fun.

Another detail is the possibility of joining the career of dual-core, if the phone is close to February is more likely that out, as well as models from LG, Motorola or Samsung. Nor it would be unreasonable to find us version of Snapdragon that uses the HTC Desire HD, which still has much to prove.