Samsung NX Mini: Stylish – But Not So Quick

TEST: Small, slim and stylish — like Samsung that we should look at their minikamera NCX Mini, with the option of interchangeable lens, and built-in wifi and NFC.

With light weight and a thickness of only 23 mm so is the Samsung NX Mini is really small. So small that you almost believe that it is a compact camera. But if you look closer you can see that the camera has the option of interchangeable optics – Samsung has with the NX Mini namely introduced an additional link: NX-M.

Inside the thin shell, we find a 1-tumssensor at 20.5 megapixels, with an ISO range of 100-25600 ISO.

The design is the thing

Slim cameras are usually good looking, and I think even to NX Mini is perceived. The camera is available in several colors, and the White Variant I tested feels really sleek and stylish, with Planar fine surfaces that go well together with topside parts in brushed aluminium.

Usually even flat, flat and glätta cameras mean that ergonomics and handling will suffer, something that actually is true here as well. The grip on the camera are not entirely successful because the camera is somewhat difficult to hold, partly because of the choice of materials, but also because it is so flat and do not have to directly grab.

The buttons feel okay in sense and placement, even if they could have been slightly better. But we must also remember that it usually is slightly more difficult to create a sleek and stylish camera that also has all these properties existing function.

Share with wifi

One of the things that makes the camera is the ability to share your images via wifi. With NFC, you can quickly connect the camera to your phone for sending your images to the Web, in a variety of ways through the apps and options contained in the camera. You can even use the camera as a baby monitor to see what your children are doing in his room.

Another thing about the camera is the printable and tilting the screen going to angle upwards, allowing the camera then goes into the mode of» self portrait «.» In this way, you can see himself in front of the camera and take the picture in the right position. Smart and funny, especially if you need a camera for just this purpose.

In addition to the self-portrait mode the camera even some other smart modes that you can choose. For example, there are child-picture, landscapes, rich tone and waterfalls, along with several others. On the whole, the difference is not so big between elections, they are mainly there to get to the correct aperture and shutter.

The sensor in the NX Mini is actually a pretty good sensor inside its shell.But even if the camera has many settings to adjust the image quality, so we see that the raw format from your camera will not be quite as we expected.

Pictures noise reduction something hard, which means that the sharpness of photos taken with high ISO sensitivity. However, the images are generally okay.

Video in the camera, however, gives really good picture quality, with good sharpness and reproduction in small details, in a good way.


Samsung has created a sleek and stylish camera that is easy to take with you, everything is really on which lens you choose to mount – this is the part that stands out the most from the camera body. The camera is generally right easy to use, and has several options to get a ride on the road, including through various photo modes.

But it’s probably still color and design together with the wifi feature makes the camera.