Samsung NX500 – Small Performance Package

TEST: Samsung launched last year its NX1 who did really well in our tests. Now comes the NX500 with essentially the same performance as that of NX1, but in a much smaller package. Impress NX500 equal NX1?

Samsung has had an interesting journey that camera manufacturers. They had a partnership with Pentax and Samsung SLR cameras was initially largely Pentax cameras with a different logo and different look of the interface. Since then, Samsung made a hefty travel and focused hard on the mirror solving concept with its NX series.

Nx500 is the latest addition to the latter family which content is largely based on the kralligare camera NX1.When we previously tested big brother NX1 , we at the big drum and gave it both honors and accolades. Well deserved, since it has the APS-C sensor with highest resolution used, as well as the ability to shoot in 4 k and a burst of impressive 15 frames per second.

Packed with performance

Nx500 go in footsteps is NX1, but packaged in a much smaller scale. This has meant that it has a few limitations in performance, but the specifications look yet impressive. It is the same as in 28 megapixelssensor, NX1 is the most high-resolution sensor used in this format. Even the fast AF system with their 209-fokuspunkter have been inherited from NX1. The system is of hybrid type combines both phase and kontrastdetekterande focus points that cover approximately 90% of the image area.

Processor, DRIMe V that it so nicely called, is also the same as in NX1.The brain, the processor, it is behind both NX1 and NX500s speed and the ability to record video in 4 k and Ultra HD and save directly to the memory card. To get help with it used a codec called h.265 instead of the standard h.264. With the new format can be compressed further without losing information. ISO sensitivity in NX500 peaks at 51 200 with a customized approach.

Slimmed-down Screamer

But something must of course receive stress on the foot when throttled down so much as yet been made between NX500 and NX1. Among the differences, we can see that the burst shooting in NX500 is located on nine frames per second, which is very impressive for both resolution, format and price level. Weather protection is also gone, something that is not so surprising when you look at the design and target group. In addition to those things, it is surprisingly little has changed. Focus the lamp is missing, blixtsynken is slightly slower, and the battery capacity is reduced.The latter is something that can be seen if you use wifi or bluetooth, NFC, much-then shedding the sticks away on the battery meter a little too fast.

Smart ring, smart zoom

Nx500 is compatible with i-Function and at kitobjektivet there is a switch.In short, it is a button on the lens which, when pressed, activates a context menu where the exposure, white balance, ISO and exposure compensation can be adjusted by turning the zoom ring of the lens. Smart and fast, a great feature.

But: the lens has motorized zoom, something that I personally largely is allergic to. So take the following with a grain of salt if you know that you like motorzoomar or if you yourself are not tested. You almost have to form their own opinion about them On an SLR, I think a motorized zoom gives a feeling of compact camera, it’s harder and slower to get an accurate sense of the zoom. Admittedly, it’s perhaps the feeling that many beginners are used to, but I think it is a clear disadvantage. The lens also has a plus and a minus button during visits of the finger can be used to zoom.

An advantage may, however, give motorzoomarna and that is that it is possible to zoom when you control the camera via your smartphone. The wireless controller works great, it’s easy to hook up the camera to a smartphone and once inside the app you can choose if you want to transfer photos, watch pictures or capture images and control the camera.

Smart features

Samsung has stopped in three different utlösarfunktioner of the camera called Samsung automatic shooting, or SAS as it shortens the program knob (Samsung Auto Shot). This uses the camera for various calculations to take pictures when you want them to be. There are three different modes, baseball, hope and a camera trap.

The first may not be so useful in the United States, where baseball is not a direct great sport, but the mode can be used at other times.

The other two are better. Mobile photography, or jump mode, take a picture of your subject when it jumps and is at its highest point. Exactly how the camera knows that the subject will not jump higher is not clear, but it seems to be correct in most cases.

The third mode is perhaps what might be most useful. When you select a vertical line in the viewfinder where the camera will take the picture when the subject coming in from the side reaches the selected line. It would work to take pictures from or similar, without that you need over to press the button at the right time. These modes is perhaps nothing that attracts new users to the camera as they do not provide for any sort of manual control, but it’s fun modes to experiment and play around with.

Film with finesse

As mentioned earlier, NX500 as well as the ability to shoot in 4 k NX1 and UHD. Already it is pretty impressive for a camera in such a compact format. Of course, you can choose to record in lower resolution if you so wish. Do you want to increase speed on the number of images per second, it is HD or 720 p, then you can sizzle away 50 frames per second, which gives half the playback speed if you so wish. But filmfinesserna doesn’t stop there. You can also choose to record video at a lower frame rate, down to 1.2 pictures per second. This means that you can make timelapse movies very easily. Though you are then limited to just 1.2 images per second, but the videos are then done immediately.

However, you can only shoot in a quarter of an hour, but would you make a timelapse with more control, go into the interval photo mode. There you can adjust both the range and number of pictures. One of the major benefits there are to you at the touch of a button can choose to redo your timelapse images to a UHD video. You may, however, have to settle with a video being played with 10 frames per second and a maximum of one minute. In other words, you can use the 600 pictures.

When you start interval shooting, you also get a recommendation to put a cord into the camera to operate it with direct current instead of taking advantage of battery power. But the camera is smart enough to go down into the battery saving mode if it is longer than 10 minutes between exposures at the interval photo recording.

Estimated speed

Like NX1, this is a camera for those who are in a hurry and like it when it goes away. The autofocus is as rapid as that of storebrosan, which in and of itself not impressed really big in our test, but it is by no means slow.

Combined with the rapid series of shooting, it is an ideal camera for those who want to shoot sports or any other fast and flexible, and extremely good for the sporty family. To capture the right moment during the kid’s soccer game or similar is no problem with nine frames per second.

Because the same lenses fit on the NX500 as on NX1 need not scrimp on the quality of the image either, even if it destroys some of the tank with a flexible package.

Image quality

Because NX500 has the same sensor as the NX1 and much of the technology is the same, so becomes even still‑image profit equally. This means that the images are really nice, and thanks to the high resolution sensor also provides a high level of detail. On the other hand, differ slightly when shooting video. At 4 k is it different not much, but if you go down to UHD difference arises. This is because NX1 uses a larger part of the sensor in this format. Nx500 crop sensor surface stronger which makes the image quality won’t be as good. The sharpness of the UHD of NX500 is noticeably worse than NX1. But somewhere, it should also distinguish not the cameras will compete each other out.


Are you looking for a fast camera that can shoot in very high resolution and deliver both photos and video of good quality, well then can you throw an eye on Samsung NX500. Samsung has not made so much fuss of themselves with their latest releases, but both NX1 and NX500 deserves a little more attention. It is n is impressive cameras, and with NX500, they have succeeded the Bank so much performance in a small package. It is perfect for just about anyone who wants a small camera that delivers big.