Samsung Takes Part in Wacom Buying 5% of Its Shares

Galaxy Note of Samsung products line is growing, and with it, their success. After seeing big sales of the Galaxy Note II figures and other intermediate format is on the way, it is obvious that interest the manufacturer put your feet firmly on this issue.

And it is that as many of you know, touch technology which runs the S-Pen largely comes from the veteran manufacturer prevailing in the sector, Wacom. So that Samsung has decided to take part in the enterprise in a simple and efficient way, i.e., buying part of it.

Going to the numbers, Samsung has been made with the 5% of the shares of $ 58.9 million. This gives you the Koreans a seat on the Board of Wacom, and proportional weight in decision-making.

According to Wacom, its market share to tablet with Stylus regards reaches 85%, having doubled its sales of components in absolute values in the past year for smartphones and tablets.

In addition, Wacom reports that this money from the sale of these shares will be used purely to improve the development and manufacture of products for supply to Samsung Electronics, to “expand their relationship” even more.