Shoot HD Video With Canon SLRs

SLR Canon EOS 5 d Mark II, EOS 7 d and EOS 1 d Mark IV have a HD video mode to turn film sequences and make short and feature films. This is a book entirely dedicated to the universe of the video with the Canon DSLR.

Sébastien Devaud is before any Director, passionate about the image, he worked for several years for groups industrial and produced many commercials and music videos. Sebastian uses the Canon DSLR for its videos shootings since the arrival of the EOS 5 d Mark II.

The book he offers us here is a collection of very detailed everything you need to make best use of an EOS in video, many of the lessons apply also to other videos like models Nikon SLR brands and major electronics wholesalers from The book is especially for photographers who want to learn more about the use of the video, confirmed videographers will remain a little on their hunger on certain subjects unless they discover completely the world of SLRs videos in which case the book will be a good basis for learning.

The book is cleverly divided into 4 main chapters which, as mentioned by the author, the major stages in the making of a film: discovery of the possibilities of the material, preparation of the filming, filming and post-production.

We particularly enjoyed the first part which presents different alternatives available to the videographer in hardware as well as the strengths (and so low) of the video SLR. To change your mind good number of diehards who persist in thinking that the video and the photo cannot coexist on the same device.

Another attraction of the book, he does not merely give a single notice, the author has bothered to interview fellow videographers and filmmakers and they share their feelings on the Canon video gear. What enrich the discourse and provide additional information directly from the field.

Another feature of the book, the model is very well illustrated. The enriched presentation of numerous illustrations makes reading enjoyable and a good picture worth a thousand words, the author gives us images of what easily understand some of the issues specific to the video.

Can be found for example lists types of materials and accessories to have around on a set, a chapter on the choice of the optics in the video, a set of criteria for choosing the right lens depending on the subject, etc.

The final chapter dedicated to post-production left us a bit on our hunger, we would have appreciated a more consequent development of subjects related to the choice of software, essential tools, is not the strong point of the book and we advise you to steer you toward some works more specific if you are particularly interested in this part.

In the end, ‘shoot video with the Canon DSLR HD ‘ is a book that we recommend for everything that he brings in discovery of the video in the workplace expert and professional. This is a technical book that caters to all those who need to understand the ins and outs of video on SLRs.

To the summary

  • A revolution in the world of video
    • Equipped DSLR of the HD video mode
    • The DSLR EOS, best video camcorder HD of the moment or new HD cinema cameras?
  • The preparation of the shooting
    • Composition of the shooting unit
    • Sound recording
    • Selection of optics
  • Shooting
    • Point management
    • Light management
    • Applications and integration of the HDSLR on various types of production
  • Post-production
    • Mounting and conformation
    • Maintenance of equipment

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