Sony Ericsson Headphones New

If you have mobile musicals, best that accompany them with new headphones. So Sony Ericsson also today presents the Bluetooth headset HBH-PV702 y HBH-PV710, and the headphones stereo HPM-75.

The HBH-PV702 is a hands-free light and compact Bluetooth 1.2, finished in black or white, weighs 14 grams and its dimensions are 61 x 18 mm. It has a range of up to 8 hours talk and up to 200 standby.

HBH-PV710 has a superior range of 12 and 300 hours respectively, and a design that is more attractive than the PV702. Weight, measurements and the Bluetooth specification are identical to the previous model.

HPM-75 are classic headphones with 3.5 mm connector on lifetime, have metallic finish, built-in microphone, weigh 28 grams and the length of the cable is 100 cm.