Sony Ericsson Idou, 12 Megapixel Camera

A day before opening the doors of the MWC, Sony Ericsson It has decided to show us your most interesting project, the initially baptised as Idou, Since the company has the idea of putting it on the market with a different name.

The Sony Ericsson Idou There are a very important claim under sliding the back cover, a camera of 12 megapixel camera with xenon flash and autofocus, ahead of as well other brands like Samsung that it was also in this race.

The rest of specifications also known is very attractive, its generous touch screen of 3.5 inches and 16 million colors, has a 16:9 format, which speaks of its orientation to media, such as films, images or YouTube. Its resolution, 360 ├Ś 640 pixels.

The prototype that we teach has connectivity WiFi (DLNA compatible) and support for 3G networks. They’ve not forgotten from the GPS, as well as allowing us Geotagging content, thanks to its screen, and with appropriate software, will make that we also have an interesting navigation system in the appliance.

Surprisingly the memory expansion slot is microSD, taking into account that Sony Ericsson always tries to their devices depend on Memory Stick in this aspect. This also happened with the Xperia X 1.

It will be the first device Sony Ericsson to use the new platform of the Symbian Foundation, apparently very similar in user interface issues to the touch S60 of Nokia.

We are still waiting for the announcement of a definitive Idou with a final name, complete specifications, and a date of exit according to their own Sony Ericsson It will be near the beginning of the summer of this year. I leave you with a couple of videos from the terminal, and a gallery of images.

First official demo video from Sony Ericsson:


Video of people of Mobile Burn, in which we can see the external device aspect, since they showed no terminal on the media in the presentation:


New videos of the presentation:



For those who have doubts about the fluidity of the system, I leave a video in which everything seems to work quite well, as well as having a very attractive interface:


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