Sony Ericsson Launch Dates for 2008

One of the biggest problems when buying a mobile phone is that you don’t know what terminals are going to launch each company, and in the course of knowing it, you never know if the release date that is in the second quarter means that they released it in April or June. Luckily, the list already have preliminary of all releases in 2008 of Sony Ericsson, by that, in the absence of accurate price we can get an idea of things to come and, more importantly, when.

For May 2008, in a few days, Sony Ericsson has reserved a good batch of release highlighting the stylish Sony Ericsson W350i (which both reminds me of my beloved T29s) and Sony Ericsson T280i, supplementing the range low this month. Moving on to the main course, during may also be presented the brand new Sony Ericsson G900 (although fades a little UMTS instead of HSDPA connectivity), the juicy Sony Ericsson W760 and the Sony Ericsson C902 and the Sony Ericsson C702 brothers. Without a doubt, a month of órdago if you like any of these terminals.

With the warmth that begins to fall during the month of June, releases will settle down with the Sony Ericsson T303, though small of the G series, the Sony Ericsson G700 and Sony Ericsson G502. And for July 2008, Sony Ericsson It goes on vacation to the rhythm and the Sony Ericsson W980i Sony Ericsson R306, prefiguring the back to school.

After the holidays have to start easy, for example, with the Sony Ericsson R300 which will reach us in September, But if not espabilamos caught us the beginning of classes that we take with force with the long-awaited Sony Ericsson X 1, without delay.

For the last quarter also will visit the Sony Ericsson codename Paris and the Sony Ericsson BeiBei codename, along with a good batch of terminals which we know only the names in code, but that insurance will meet the coming months.