Sony Ericsson LiveView, Remote Control for Your Phone Android

Sony Ericsson We were surprised this morning, and positively, since we are not going to talk about updates that are delayed, but a promising accessory for your phone, which need Android 2.x for its operation.

The joint-venture is characterized by its good design as we know it, that time when presented original ideas as also is expected, but that they have taken their watches”notifiers” level of Sony Ericsson Live View It is something that we had not even thought.

Sony Ericsson Live View presents exactly the same idea that at its time RIM showed us with their BlackBerry inPulse, but on this occasion have been advanced to face to the market. We are going to see a video that we will be clear what we can do with the attachment:

To describe the accessory, for which you can not see the video, we inform you that it is virtually of a screen of 1.3-inch technology OLED (128 × 128 pixel), which to her around four sensors and a pair of physical buttons have been arranged. With them we can control all the possibilities of the Sony Ericsson Live View.

The raison d ‘ être of the unit is to submit all notices of our Android mobile phone on the small screen, even being able to perform some action from the appliance, in such a way that we can keep our phone and Sony Ericsson Live View It will monitor the main activities. The communication between them is carried out by Bluetooth.

But There is also a clock, and not that have functionality, but because the set comes with a strap that engages is the device. It also has a second option based on a retaining clip, as you can see in the images.

Not been content to include messages, music controls, calendar, missed calls or emails on the device, you will also inform us of updates on major social networks (Facebook, twitter) and even has a mini RSS reader.

Sony Ericsson Live View It is compatible with all Android Xperia family phones, and out of it we can also use it with the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire. Sabemo if the list will be expanded, but what is clear is that Android 2.1 you need to operate.

Finally I’d like to point out that face developers performance is similar to a widget but located in an external element, the APIs to make use of the accessory are released by Sony Ericsson, so with a little luck we will see developments of third-party exploited Sony Ericsson LiveView.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView It will appear in the market in the last quarter of the year, is that the product is finished but needs Android updates to reach phones that are on the market, and is that rather odd that a user of Samsung Galaxy S will enjoy the accessory before one of Xperia X would be 10.

Update: The latest news we have on its price is to be approximately 59 euros, and will be available in November.