Sony Ericsson LiveView Will Appear in European Markets, for under 50 Euros?

In different European countries, such as the United Kingdom and Germany, is making an appearance one of the most original accessories that have appeared on the market in recent times, we speak of the Sony Ericsson LiveView.

I present it in its day, waiting for you to come to our country with interest, but it seems that dates are not very clear, after having asked those responsible for the joint venture in Spain. But do not think that problems there are to the end appear, taking into account their possibilities, and a not very exorbitant price, between 50 and 70 euros.

For those who lost anden, or do not want to go back to see what we’re talking about, we have a remote accessory for phones Android Sony Ericsson, and any other that is also compatible (Galaxy S, Desire).

The above compatibility does not mean that all functions are operating, by which we will try to inform you of this issue when we try.

In the size of a watch, we monitor our phone notifications, without having to take it where you have it saved, since both are connected via Bluetooth. I think the best thing is that we know with the next intake of contact of people from JkkMobile:

Support notifications include Facebook, messages, missed calls, calendar, and even our RSS feeds. The function is also very interesting Find Phone, with it we can locate the lost phone us around, since it forces the same play three times a text message sound.

But not only limited to these features, since it can also show information typical of a watch, because if so we would like to use it, we have a strap available. From my point of view, it is more discreet than if it did the same with the new iPod nano, or the prototype that RIM had prepared called InPulse BlackBerry, which had the same intentions that LiveView but has not come out to the market.

From Sony Ericsson are planning to free development tools so that any can give small new features screen OLED 1.3 inches (128 x 128 pixels), so have a peripheral with enough potential.

Early reviews speak very positively of the device, but that could improve screen resolution, and in the response of it, in addition to incorporating to emails on notifications.

Turning to the issue of price, we find different offerings, since in United Kingdom in an official way is close to 70 euros, but if we go to Amazon in its German version, it is possible to find it below 50 euros, and in France refers to a price of 59 euros. Let us hope that in its Spanish output price is as tight as possible.