Sony Ericsson MS430, an Aesthetic Portable Speaker for Your Mobile

Sony Ericsson is one of those companies that are dedicated to pamper the consumer base launch care materials and complementary accessories for their mobile phones, which are also compatible with terminals of other brands.

It presents now the company is a multimedia speaker of refined metal appearance, which also claims to be eco-friendly, Since part of the family GreenHeart. We can see in the following pictures and the video below.

This metallic speaker, created with aluminum, that measures 110 mm y weighs 67 grams, works with three AAA batteries. Its cylindrical shape helps to support the phone itself, as you can see in the images.

The speaker is connected through standard headphones connector 3.5 mm. For now more data are not known as their specific technical specifications, price, or release date, but luckily we can trust the quality that often accompanies all products of this brand.