Sony Ericsson Paris, Video Advertising

Photos leaked, spread some specifications and now Sony Ericsson or someone close to the company officer has made a video advertising above the Sony Ericsson Paris, and if there is a way that something to expand the network, is to place it in YouTube.

This video makes us think that the terminal will be with us very soon, is that even by June 17 You can learn more about the terminal operating system Symbian UIQ.

This date is determined by a mysterious Dutch advertising flyer that announces an event that will be held in Amsterdam on June 17. It is difficult to find a good translation of the Dutch, but it seems to indicate that there will be presentation of some products, and progress of others, possibly Paris be one of the chosen.

The video shows the terminal in everyday use, without entering in details, and advertising, interesting form at the end of the video in which the character of the same takes a picture with flash, giving importance to this feature, you may want to give relevance to photographic capabilities, either want to make us doubt whether the flash is Xenon LED, or even a double matrix LED.