Sony Ericsson Retouch The Nomenclature of Its New Models

Sony Ericsson unveils the nomenclature which will adopt the new terminal of the brand. After some time familiarizandonos with so successful as the ‘k’ series, it disappears. And Cybershot series and geared more to internet terminals, as well as the terminals type slider differ more strongly.

Disappears the letter ‘i’ final carrying many models. But will continue to maintain the letters ‘c’ and ‘a’ to designate the Chinese and American market models, respectively.

Terminals that begin with the letter ‘c’ will be the Cybershot terminals, best photographic performance. Those beginning with ‘g’ will be internet-oriented terminals. Finally, ‘w’ appoint as now the Walkman series terminals, music-oriented.

In the graph you can see how they are referred to as terminals that are new releases, or successors of the above through the exposed numbering.