Sony Ericsson W350 on The Orange Website

Orange It is the first Spanish operator to have the Sony Ericsson W350, one of the Walkman more recently, since it was announced in the CES This year.

There is no doubt that the first thing that draws the attention of the W350 It is the top of the keyboard, all a nod to historic designs of Ericsson and which serves to carry the music playback controls.

Compact and with only 10 mm thick, the W350 It has an autonomy playing music for up to 15 hours, also has a of Mega Bass and FM radio. However, only has 14 MB of memory internal insignificant for a mobile musical, and only supports cards M2 512 MB.

The other features are also fairly simple, it is a triband cameraphone of 1.3 megapixels and 1.9 inch screen and 262,144 colors. So the best of this terminal is your design.

Its price in the tiendamovil Orange online goes from zero to 59 euros, still available for new high, portability and migration to contract.