Sony Ericsson W51S

Today we see another Sony Ericsson more Japanese than Swedish, the W51S for the Japanese operdora KDDI, We are sure that we will not see it here.

A design that combines the Japanese classic shell style with the LEDS of warning calls or messages on the deck that we know of other Sony Ericsson models. The internal screen is 16:9 Pan and 2.7 “with famous Sony technology RealityMAX. 2,01 megapixels CMOS camera and the 120 MB internal memory.

It has dimensions of 105 × 48 × 19.3 mm and a range of 270 hours standby and 210 minutes in conversation. The curious feature that you can not miss any Japanese mobile in this case is a security measure that allows block data and delete them by Internet.

It will be available in black, silver and pink, at a price not yet determined.