Sony Ericsson W61S with Camera of 5.1 Megapixel

Mobile phones and compact cameras will soon merge. Soon when we choose a mobile phone, not only we will be guided by its design and connectivity, but also for its photographic performance.

Sony Ericsson, with good share of market in both sectors, are using the advantage that has to launch new Sony Ericsson W61S, a terminal that on the one hand appears to be a mobile and on the other a camera.

The Sony Ericsson W61S It has integrated a sensor of 5.1 megapixel Exmor CMOS, which uses the same technology as the line Alpha DSLR – DSLR-. Also has a 3 x optical zoom and detection of smiles.

Besides, the phone has GPS, a VGA screen 2.8 inch, Bluetooth, output video and slot for microSD card.

It is available in pink, black and white.

The camera is somewhat below the performance of the compact that it’s currently on the market, especially in the number of megapixels, but with 5.1 we have a quality more than decent to make a photo at any time and it saves the space that it occupies a compact camera.

Update: As you have pointed out in the comments, he is a Japanese model, so it is difficult it is sold outside that country.