Sony Ericsson W660 and K810i with Orange

Orange It is promoting with TV campaign included, Sony Ericsson W660, a mobile family Walkman, so to highlight his musical ability is sold as the pack Maná.

Fortunately for who likes the original design of the phone say that this has been respected, the references to the Group Mexican are for the content of the tour added to card external memory of 512 Mb that comes in the pack. Remember that the W660 is a 3 G with 256 Mb of internal memory, 2 megapixel camera with digital zoom 2, 5 x, Bluetooth, USB and FM radio.

Its price in the shop goes from 49 euros with portability or migration to contract, to 109 for new high, an attractive price.

If instead of the music you love photography, then perhaps you prefer a Cyber-shot, as the Sony Ericsson K810.

It is also a 3 G, 3.2 megapixel camera, Xenon flash and image stabilizer. Movistar sells it since July, with Orange out of 89 euros portability to contract or migration and 129 for high new.

And as usual in the online store, both the W660 and the K810i include 1000 MMS and 300 euros for 3 G services, which makes the still more tempting offer.