Sony Ericsson W707, Also Known as Alice

After leaving parked media line Walkman a time for phones with many megapixels and full capabilities, such as the recently presented Sony Ericsson G705 or the anticipated Xperia X 1, the spies of the network back to teach us a new terminal of the successful and award-winning multimedia range.

It is of the Sony Ericsson W707, which do not have details about their specifications, but what if it seems clear that if they had to determine the success of the mobile by diffusion that have Internet, I am sure that the terminal would end up going out to the market.

There are certain doubts about the market, it takes talking about him (with the name of) Alicia) since last June, even has recently said that it was a cancelled project.

The new one Walkman It’s a phone shell-type, which we can know some things thanks to a video presented in June, in which you can see the presence of two screens in the outside area of the phone, one of them circular and apparently turn out to also be touch. Feel me that its performance can be similar to the wheel that has the ipod When is it in playback mode.

In view of the amount of the terminal fotos-espia appeared on the terminal, may be a sign that the Sony Ericsson W707 It is not so dead, I leave you with the image gallery:

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